How You May Be Unealthily Co-Dependent

You rely on how others see you to determine your worth 

You mirror the emotions of your loved ones 

You validate your sense of self 

You feel the need to “rescue” others in relationship 

You are a massive people-pleaser 

People over-rely on you 

You prioritise the needs of others and minimize your voice 

Over-sensitive and empathetic – you feel TOO much 

You want others to solve your problems 

You feel lost without others

Co-dependency is a learned skill that can impede our ability and willingness to love openly and fully. We think it is expansive, but in truth, it is restrictive and limiting.

Codependency keeps us in old patterns of reliance, low self-worth and playing safe. The patterns around codependency rely on others to feel “good”, safe, “whole”. This sensation and yearning of wanting to feel complete or whole reside within all of us.

In the extremely unhealthy or codependent person, he/she believes the only way to feel whole or complete is through others. How they treat us, believe in us, what they think of us and more. All our power is given away?

Worse, we don’t believe in who we are. We generally reside on a spectrum of codependency, where we are unhealthily or healthily attaches to the viewpoints of others about who we are. We learn this as children. As we evolve our path here is to break free of these patterns.

That is way too much power and responsibility placed in the hands of others. In my life, I was put down by people I loved and looked up to. It took some time to gain my independence so that I could feel whole and become interdependent in relationship NOT codependent.

I help people break free of these patterns, re-balance their psyche, evolve the self-worth, step into the sovereignty and feel empowered. Feel free to connect if this resonates with you.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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