The Open Journey & Heart Of The Divine Masculine

An open and raw share…

The heart within us wishes to be fully recognised, fully known, fully revealed and fully expressed. The Anahata Chakra (as it is known in Sanskrit – ‘unstruck’) has potential to transcend pain, eternal suffering and disconnection from reality. These writings will focus more on the role of the Divine Masculine within this heart space and how it may serve our evolution – that being men and the greater collective consciousness.

Very few individuals become realised in this energy point, and even fewer men. Learning to function, live and express honestly from this space for men in particular can be extremely difficult. In fact the reality is that it is a life-long process that requires deep attention and intention.


Transcending The Challenges – Understanding Energy

The challenges are constant, consistent and deep. So much must occur prior to being able to actually live fully, sustainably and authentically from this space.

Many wish to simply transcend with pace and haste the symbology, meaning and function of the lower energy points / chakras (Muladhara, Svadisthana and Manipura) and to ‘spiritually bypass’ these expressions as if they are of no real use. We may treat these expressions as ‘too worldly and too physical’ and not worthy of immersion; as a spiritual quest is of far greater value.

But bare with me here, there is great significance and importance in these areas and in fact appropriate time spent here mastering these areas will lead us to a greater connected and expressed heart.

What I will say to these areas briefly is that if we master our healthy expressions and connections in these areas and progress through them (methodically) with a deep seated intention to connect to and understand self we will be better equipped and deeper evolved to come from the heart with greater clarity, effect, wisdom and conviction. So, spend time cultivating competency in all areas of being, they are rested in our foundations for a good reason.

The journey of the heart is not one that is easy. For men, it means a tremendous responsibility to make decisions made from a place of pure integrity, conviction, unwavering presence and complete certainty. Something, many of us have struggled with throughout history. To be truly authentic leaders is a deep challenge.

The decision to tread the path of the conscious heart and in fact any decisions made from this space come from a place of completeness. The Anahata chakra is deeply connected to the mental body and it is this area that is also connected to higher consciousness.

Therefore, any and every decision made has a complete commitment behind it. There is no oscillation, there is no ‘back and fourth’ in choice. There is certainty and commitment. It is that simple.


Protecting The Heart – The Path Of Compassion

In a world that is largely in social upheaval, conscious disconnection, expresses through disparity and operates from an unhealthy distorted space of survival, coming from the heart in the face of this adversity can be deeply haunting and challenging.

It can be an isolating path in the face of hostile environments, terrible social conditions and deep unconscious ignorance. Those on the path of the heart are responsible not only for themselves but also for others. They bare this simultaneous gift yet burden.

To be compassionate in the face of discrimination, violence, abhorrent behaviour and oppression is not easy, nor comfortable. To continue to make this committed choice and be strong, resilient and authentically powerful for one’s own evolution, but more importantly the selfless giving of the path of the collective conscious can cause us to question our sanity.

To be compassionate through pain and suffering and know that there is no other choice is the path of the Divine Heart Based Masculine Warrior. Once chosen, it is eternal, it is vibrant and from here on magic can unravel itself fully.


Transcending Pain – The Heart-Based Warrior

In the present moment times like this can be occupied with such clear pain. The obvious choice would be to defend oneself, attack, feel deceived, hurt, etc. But the heart-based warrior has made a choice to be clear and to be fully committed to divine (eternal and timeless) love, deep empathy, sublime compassion and complete giving of the selfless self to the world. For the heart-based warrior there is no choice but love – now becomes obsolete per say and rather eternity reins supreme.

Our soul, our anima, who we are in essence dwells deep in our hearts, therefore we all have access to the expression of this gift, few, however will have the clarity, wisdom, resilience and fortitude to CHOOSE this path. Yet another reason why healthy development of the lower bodies is crucial for our journey towards enlightenment and the expression of complete human potentiality.

One who fully emerges in the heart becomes so effortlessly focused on the transpersonal and unconditional nature of giving that the only way to behave is in a way that is ‘cosmically inclusive’.


Unconditional Love & The Liberating The Soul

The unconditional love felt from and expressed from this space is universal and not gender bias. In fact, it is not ‘anything’ bias – it is neutral in its posturing. Imagine for a moment that the love expressed from this state of evolved consciousness is all-inclusive no matter what is occurring in the external environment?

This is a hard pill to swallow for so many. Something I struggle with deeply also, the need to not come from a victimhood mentality at times, or if someone has purposely hurt me (in whatever manner) to not feel ill towards their being. What a beautiful and enlightening teaching to absorb. Only the path of the heart can liberate us from the negatively attached ego mind. Something I am constantly immersing myself in.

The heart-based love revolves around our ultimate being – our anima, our soul and the eternal. It is a love of the soul, for the soul and for the sake of growth. The heart-based man asks: “The action I am about to take, the choices I am about to make, does this serve the highest good of others and all involved”?


Expressing Our Authentic Power

This is the immense and authentic power of the heart based warrior. The man treading this path does not require idealistic support, or approval from others. He is humble, in complete humility and knows himself at great depth.


Death is but a human construct and concept and in actuality: death is void and the capacity to give from this place is endless. One does not tire nor wane in their capacity to be and to give.


There is simply nothing to fear. Freud stated: There is either fear or love. We must consciously choose where we ‘come’ from. The heart-based warrior chooses love – ALWAYS!

Here, in this place deep relating reins supreme – relating to self primarily and then of course to the rest of our experienced reality. This path is boundless, inspiring, non-judgemental, and fully connected. The decisions made from this place are unconditional and based on real soul-to-soul connections.


Selfless Commitment To Others – The Path Of A Real Man

The masculine element within this space will remove its personal values and preferences from its expression and will focus on its unwavering purpose and gift to humanity / reality. The energy from this healthy state of being is contagious, yet also daunting to so many. It is revered by so many, yet shun upon because it is so powerful. This is where the heart-based warrior’s convictions and commitment to the path is deeply challenged and tested.

The masculine heart-based warrior here is inspired by ideals, deep and rich philosophies, a devotion to the evolution and growth of others – of the collective unconscious. The masculine heart-based warrior chooses to value kindness, spiritedness, devotion to all that is, generosity, supreme connection, acceptance, love, clarity and the highest form of all principles.



The Anahata energy comes with a form of detachment from the world (of the world but simultaneously not of the world), it acts from this place whilst considering the all-pervasive truth that is divine love.

The deep truth residing in the heart is unshakeable, unbreakable and complete. It perseveres through adversity – it is consistent and constant in its movement towards love.

The heart does not fear nor does it waiver under externalised tension – for it is purity of courage and strength that stems wholly from the source of love.

No matter what is experienced it comes from a place of deep universal and cosmic empowerment. It is transcendent in its form yet connected profoundly to all that is and all that is not.

Once the heart decides, it divinely decides – there is no turning back. It is consumed by an all-pervasive knowing beyond human conception. It is present, inspired, unwavering and divine in its posture.


Trust – Humility – Love – Surrender is all there really is on this path.

As a man on the path of consciousness and evolution I vow to do my complete best to tread this path – to learn, to grow, to reflect and to evolve for the sake of all. So shall it be written, so shall it be done…


One is always glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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