From Friends To Lovers

In my relationship, friendship has been the cornerstone of our persistence, willingness and desire to come back to loving each other from a new and whole place, not past patterns and conditioning.

Do not take your friendships for granted… In the realm of intimate relationships, friendship lays the foundation for love to flourish. Relationships are more than just a hormonal rush, explosive sex and unicorns and rainbows. YES, they are all these things and more.

Healthy, sustainable relationships are forged at the crucible of willingness and challenge. Where you both become willing to face the unknown, the pain, each other’s fears and difficulties in order to create a new version of each other as individuals and as mateship.

Relationships are about a symbiotic union, mutual sharing, the triumph through challenge and the daring to risk the union in the face of battling with each other’s wounding, fears and pain.

Friendship allows us to endure, providing us with mutuality in reverence, trust and respect. When our own “stuff” (past pain and wounding) becomes activated or triggered in the presence of your lover friendship states:

“No, we will not project, we will not blame, we will lean in, we will be respectful, we will honour and we will endure with healthy boundaries”.

Establishing friendship in any deepened intimate union allows us to transcend confusion, allows us to remain patient enough for long enough to extract the value out of a hard situation.

Please do not take for granted making the time to become friends. At the beginning of relationships, set your intentions, delay sexual union, get to know each other’s hearts and minds. See each other for who you truly are, laugh, have fun, enjoy novelty, challenge each other and overcome these challenges, develop history together and practice mystery.

This will build attraction and forge depth in your relating.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Nurturing A Woman’s Heart

Where do you feel you could be more present to deepening or opening the heart of your beloved and in turn get to know more about you? For me, it is more profound layers of compassion and deepened empathy. Remember, others have a history of hurt that they now also find it difficult to give their hearts and trust again…

Stress Is The High Achiever’s Word For Fear

Men are so afraid of fear… We don’t have a healthy relationship for fear, so we leverage semantics to make ourselves feel better. What is mental and emotional stress truly a byproduct of?

In today’s day and age, we are overworked, we overthink, we place rigid expectations on ourselves and we are constantly trying to outplay the Jones’s. Why? There are many reasons, but let’s focus on one.

Are You Being Selfish?

I have been really contemplating and feeling this a lot lately. Asking myself whether or not my interests and actions are “too selfish”.
Am I not considering others enough in my decision making and more prominently, am I too easily put out? Am I not adaptive enough. I’m dealing with some acute responsibilities at the moment and it’s stoping me from personal stuff that I’d like to be doing.

The Place Beyond Knowing

There is a place – a space that occupies the sub structures of our minds that resides beyond the conscious self.

This place is what we do not know, what we are not aware of and what is not familiar.

It is here in this place where there is so much that we know, yet are unaware of. Here, there is a story being constructed that we are architecting, it has no idea.

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“First, you must learn to UNF**K yourself.” If only we allowed ourselves to be liberated as men. If only we allowed ourselves to contemplate deeply the authentic power we wield…

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