Symbiotic Mirroring In The Beloved<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title">4-7 min read</span>

When we move towards being open enough to love we begin to experience relationship in the most profound of ways.

We define sacred union as a cosmic bond that allows us to merge in to each other in such a way that in the other we see ourselves.

The only way to experience this deep intimacy is through a willingness to be profoundly open to feeling the ultimate form of Union. Ultimately this is the merging of self with self in all its magnificence and splendour.

Only then may we merge with another, may we ‘see’, feel and know ourselves through and with the other. In this space, in this void, in this emptiness there is a sensual and spiritual fullness felt beyond comprehension.

By feeling whole within we are opening our hearts to cosmic consciousness and requesting ever so kindly we transfigure ourselves through the beloved.

Expansion of self becomes eminent and in doing so we transfigure the beloved in to the divine – we are re-remembering and granting a gift of awakening to the beloved and of course ourselves (one-in-the-same).

Through expansion we connect. In this connection we cease to separate, we cease to segregate, we cease to punish difference, we cease to fear and we cease to distinguish between you and I.

There is only us – a unified consciousness is felt, embodied and realized. Our yearning to intertwine with another comes not from desperation but from inspiration being realized through devotion to the fullness of one’s authentic ‘nature’.

How may we come together to BE the most profound versions of self? In union with self we may begin to devote our immense value to another. We are beautifully relational beings. To transcend and ignore this truth is to negate an integral aspect of our evolution.

Our beloved is us and we are our beloved. Recognizing this allows us to be beautifully inclusive in our posturing, in our interactions, in our holding, in our loving and in our infinite merging.

To hold our beloved with grace, reverence and whole truth is not only a gift to the beloved but a gift to the evolution and growth of self. If we are they and they are us, then growth becomes connected, undeniable and magically limitless.

When we embrace and embody our wholeness, we learn to love not only that which we are ‘within’ ourselves but we love prolifically all that we observe, feel and merge in to our beloved – we begin to ‘them’ unconditionally.

As above, so below – something is everything and nothing is something. We exist eternally in a unified point of source consciousness. When gazing deeply in to the soul of your beloved transfigure intently their being so that it may dance wildly, freely and familiarly in the cosmic ocean of primordial energy.

It is here you – they – us – we may discover ultimate bliss through the remembering of what love truly is.


One is always glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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