Fatherhood: The Blueprint of a Child’s Future

In the beginning chapters of life, children look towards their fathers as the defining example of masculinity. Daughters see their fathers as the first male role model, setting the stage for how they should expect to be treated, loved, and regarded by men in the future. This paternal figure shapes her understanding of men and influences her expectations in future relationships. Sons, on the other hand, see their fathers as more than role models; they are the mirrors reflecting potential versions of themselves. They internalize their father’s characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors, integrating them into their evolving identity.

The influence of a father goes beyond simple imitation. A father’s emotional and psychological wellbeing is pivotal; it can unwittingly be transferred to his children, molding their perceptions and relationships. A father burdened by emotional or psychological issues may unintentionally impart these struggles to his children, skewing their worldview. In contrast, a father who embodies emotional strength, truthfulness, and completeness provides a stable and nurturing environment. He becomes a figure of aspiration and inspiration, guiding his children to not only emulate him but also to envision and strive for even greater personal achievements.

Fathers are often viewed as monumental figures in the family unit, symbolizing protection, guidance, and moral integrity. They instill a sense of discipline, order, and security in their children’s lives. This significant influence of fathers on their children’s identity and self-perception highlights the importance of a father’s emotional and spiritual health. Fathers need to harmoniously embody a range of roles – as a leader, a spiritual guide, a protector, and an empathetic companion.

Assuming the role of fatherhood entails a substantial, almost sacred, responsibility. It demands profound self-awareness, a commitment to personal growth, and the versatility to adopt multiple roles. As I navigate the path of fatherhood, I delve deep into my values and character, reflecting on my identity, aspirations, and the legacy I wish to create.

My goal is to demonstrate to my daughter that the presence of a man should be synonymous with safety, health, and emotional availability. I strive to be a guardian in the fullest sense – not only providing protection but also embodying the values of empathy, strength, and presence.

To strive in life is to engage with purpose. To be is to embrace and fulfill one’s destiny. This journey is not solely a personal quest but also a legacy we impart to our children. It’s a path of continuous growth, learning, and being. I encourage you to ponder your journey and share your experiences. How do you perceive your role and path in life? What do striving and being signify to you? 

One is glad to be of service.

Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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We suffer when we neglect ourselves and when we do not own who we are. So many of us grew up in disconnection from our families, unprotected from those we were meant to trust, unseen and unforgiven. I experienced hardship like many of us – physical abuse, violence, volatility in the home, shame and projected judgment.

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