Divine Love

Calling in your king or queen requires effort, work, self-love and often massive adjustment. An overhaul of the way in which you view societal norms, followed by integration within oneself, then expressed outwardly towards and with your beloved.

This means letting the past go, allowing the dogma of gender norms and cultural biases to evaporate into the chaos that is life. Now more than ever kings need queens. Queens need kings. Not because of some co-dependent need.

No, more than this. Because now is the time for awakened relationships to heal the planet. To lead the way and inspire a new form of leadership that values the sacredness of union. A path that allows our children to grow in unification, not isolation.

When we clear our past, express multiple meaningful sorry’s. Forgive our perpetrators — so that we break the vicious cycle of victim-perpetrator-saviour; when we cease to blame, shame and validate and we choose love, we expand.

We cannot contract and feel scarcity if we are expanding. This form and expression of intimate union, does not just present itself in romantic intimacy. It is said that platonic intimacy is the peak of human relating for it demands less, with less attachment than romantic intimacy.

Yes… AND… Sexual, romantic intimacy if done “right” has the ability to transcend limitation, hatred, judgement, attachment and disconnection. Yes, it will challenge us AND no kingdom or queendom ever ruled was done with ease.

No one wants to feel isolated. The greatest love you can experience is that love with the realized Self (that Godly divine love). Feeling this profoundly and extending it and mirroring to our beloved allows us to feel ourselves in a new way.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Love Learns From The Past

In a relationship, we often let our past infiltrate our present. We allow our unconscious and unresolved wounding to dictate how we behave, how we treat others and how we see ourselves.
The ego simply wants to protect us, to keep us safe and help us remain in what is familiar to us. The ego-self is not “bad.”. The ego is simply grounding us and what it knows, keeping our bodies minds and the emotional being safe and away from harm.

The Unhealthy Fearful Feminine

ourage has been forged from blooms of fear and action. Fear can breed depth of being if we allow it. When we are scared, we either retract and wither or we expand and go in to the mystery of the night and explore the unknown territories of the cosmos with glee and prowess.

FEAR IS NATURAL – FEARS ARE NOT “BAD”! These fears related to the feminine DO NOT only exist in women, they exist in men also! Masculine / feminine energies exist in all people!

Our Untapped Power

“See before you can see”.

There is so much that we don’t ‘see’ with our eyes. Whilst our eyes play such an important role in directing the course of our lives reality, ‘there is more to us than meets the eye’…

We are intuitive beings connected to our environment. Multidimensional, multifaceted and multi learning beings.

The Contracted Heart

We spend so much of our lives protecting ourselves from hurt, pain and fear. We retract ourselves and in dong so also retract and hide our gifts from the world and from ourselves.

The Wounded Inner Child’s Journey

Working with the wounded inner child is only part of the healing journey. We must also address the “imported parts” – the voices that are not our own…


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