An Open Apology To The Feminine – PART I

And so we are here… We have finally arrived at a place that will either determine our inward evolution or completely break who we are and who we have the capacity to be. Will we choose sacredness in union or will we choose further division?

I am here to take a stand, to speak loudly, to scream the truth of possibility and the truth of the separation we have caused (consciously and unconsciously) through unchecked fears. There is great strength and power in ownership, in acknowledgment and in holding responsibility for self, for our past, for the collective and for the generations to come.

Does this mean we are to become passive, meek, ‘weak’ and subservient as men? This is the general consensus and fear circulating around notions of masculinity. In reality, these notions are a false belief around what it means to be a ‘real man’ holding a ‘better than’ attitude around our superficial sense of superiority that must be expressed overtly in generally a subjugating manner in order for us to feel enough, powerful or worthy.

The time to forgive ourselves, our imposed segregation, our generations prior and our actions is NOW. Choosing not to release our continual shame and guilt will only perpetuate division and cause a deeper rift between the sacred union that exists between and man and woman. We are two sides of the same coin. When we sell ourselves short of this truth we are sacrificing our evolution, we are harming all – there is no other.

Men, we must break this fear cycle. We collectively have this fear that we are being ‘feminised’. This stems from an either or mentality and one of dominance and subservience. We needn’t live from this place anymore. By acknowledging, we release our attachment to being right or holding unhealthy power.

By giving openly, we release the need to hoard power. Healthy, empowered, strong fucking kings do not become feminised. Men, do away with nonsense. Our time to rise in truth is now. A real king reveres his queen and the energy of the queen.

To truly to do this and revere ourselves for the powerful and allowing men that we are, we must release the guilt, fear, hate and the shame.

We must stand in our shit and own it all (and it hasn’t always been shit – men, we should not be demonised for being men). It is about leveraging our healthy qualities of strength, valour, stability, confidence and discerning clarity.

There are countless (actual and archetypical) examples of warrior kings who have lived for and fought for virtues associated with inclusivity, empowerment, integral power and equity. We needn’t reside in unhealthy expressions of the masculine but rather live from a place of our potential.

Our time to rise in to this power is now. Our time to merge in sacred union is now. We needn’t merge and lose our sense of self. That is the art and the next phase of our evolution. To grow in this way and not lose the essence of our individual expression. We are different and yet, we are one. 

In the next part of this story we deep dive in to a sincere apology and recognition of our divine and powerful masculinity.

One is always glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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