The Way Of The Superior Warrior

The way of the superior warrior is not about exclusion, possessiveness, dominance, slavery of the mind, self, emotional being, of others, of ideals or the disrespecting of tradition. Today’s warrior is predicated in peacefulness.

A warrior’s code is not embedded in abhorrence, senseless violence, discrimination, segregation, division, dissonance or power play plays.

A warrior’s code consists of virtues such as humility, connection, empowerment, discernment, inclusivity, connectivity, care, sincerity, compassion, wisdom, love, presence, inner strength, resilience and so much more.

The superior warrior is the epitome of the healthy man. He is a man who has adopted the most valuable, relevant and pure postures and expressions of his ancestors and adapted them in today’s modern world. A feat only fit for a conscious king. A feat challenging often beyond comprehension.

But today’s warrior is relentless, fearless (moves through fear with courage and fear combined), willing to challenge his being, to explore the unknown, the chasms of his being – to extract truth, power, self-awareness and deepened connection.

Today’s warrior embraces pain and fear, not defecting it and projecting it to those he loves. He faces his demons openly. Blaming and shaming from a place of self-preservation or protection of the ego self does not occur.

The warrior of modernity does not eradicate the ego but rather embraces the ego and transmutes its power in to healthy, connected and inclusive expression – bonding him closer with that which matters.

The superior and conscious warrior loves and gives openly, lives presently and is engaged fully in each moment he is alive – he does not live in deficit. The conscious warrior knows when and how to take ownership of his misdoings, his pain and his fear. He needs not hide, but he knows when to retreat to find reprieve.

He is not afraid to be ‘wrong’, to embrace a way of being that is different, to be open to the new and to explore the mystery that is life in order to redefine the fullness of himself. The conscious and empowered warrior is galant in his movement, loyal in his tongue, honouring in his ethos and a man of his word.

The superior warrior knows that the interconnectedness of life is what matters most in this world and preserving this is paramount. He embodies this through the act of grace, giving of himself selflessly to what he believes in – his purpose/s for being here.

He allows this to permeate his environment in such a way that is uplifting, inspiring, connected and revolutionary. The conscious warrior creates revolutions through simply being himself. He loves fully, lives completely and ensures those in his life that matter know this with every fibre of his being.

The conscious and superior warrior is not afraid of change; yes he is mindful; yes, he is aware, cautious and interested in the observation and unfolding of life, and he is always ready to respond from space and stillness, not react from constriction and fear.

The conscious warrior is an authority of his life, but deeply considers the needs of others and those he loves. He pays deep attention to his thoughts and actions. He takes responsibility for who he is and for what happens in his life.

He does not disempower himself by projecting his ego and losing his direction. Power comes from being responsible. The conscious warrior gives himself permission to be authentically powerful.

The conscious warrior embraces his devotional and disciplined daily practice towards his own sovereign being, his evolutions through life, towards love itself, towards mother Earth, towards his purpose and what matters and towards the grace and magnificence of his beloved.

He is not afraid to embrace the glory of his beloved, to revere her for all that she is, for all that she has brought to this construct of consciousness, for the millennia upon millennia of service, he bows and gives homage to her divine presence.

This is a taste of today’s conscious warrior. Our time has come… It is time to RECLAIM OUR KINGDOM, our ‘connected sovereignty’ and our authentic power.

The warrior walks alone but is never alone…

The epic journey of transformation begins shortly…

One is always glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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