Men – How To Consciously F**K Your Woman

“First, you must learn to UNF**K yourself.” And let me be VERY clear, this is not about ownership… We simultaneously belong to each other and ourselves…

If only we allowed ourselves to be liberated as men. If only we allowed ourselves to contemplate deeply the authentic power we wield. 

Particularly between our legs. We are so disconnected from our cocks that we cease to feel and think. We act from ignorance or externalised influence that means little to us in the grand scheme of things and life.

We destroy potential and create havoc with our unthinking, disconnected sense of selves. 

It is not about how to have sex, f**k or make love with your beloved or with your sexual partner in that moment. It is about connecting to self in fullness, to know self, be aware of our choices, choose consciousness and embrace our power so that we may grow beyond measure.

Our brain-cock connection has been severed. For too long we have been making decisions based on unconscious practice, collective pain and distorted norms.

We f**k, make love and connect physically from a place of inauthenticity, awkwardness, disjointedness and poor navigation of our own bodies and the mind-body-hearts of others. We cease to consider others in the space they occupy and we are hyper-selfish and immature in our gesturing and actions. 

We think purely from a primal perspective, negating all others avenues of conscious connection and expression. Whilst, our physicality is paramount in being present (more than we give it credit for at times), we are not integrating its power with attention, Intention, deepened exploration and conscious authority of self.

The person you are with needs to feel that they are safe, connected, felt, embodied and understood. Whether it is a primal f**k or something that embodies care, patience and a more deepened, slow and sensual exploration.

The only way to come from this place of heightened awareness, to be ‘able to read the play’ and connect at a symbiotically mutual place of being is to know self. 

It is to guide, direct and feel you cock through life with awareness, certainty and verticality (empowered healthy masculine traits). To make decisions based on truth not a fractured, egoic or desperate understanding of life.

The embodiment and aim is to integrate and lead laterally from our hearts. Through cultural conditioning and evolution of societal grouping and collective value prioritization, men are predominantly in the mind-brain, so we must leverage this truth and maximize its effectiveness. We must cultivate mastery here first and then allow and open our hearts to lead the way. 

Our minds will convince us and show us the value of the heart and assist us in navigating the mystery and the power of the heart. Once this transpires, we shift in to greater harmony and can deal with the fluctuations and challenges of life with greater prowess. Then, from this place of living – the heart truly becomes involved and blossoms. Directing our actions from a place of integrated discernment, conscious intellect, compassion, empathy, embraced consideration and (an almost) absolute ‘knowing’. 

A noble pursuit – One of the greatest accomplishments of men is to open the heart so that we may lead with honour, valor, value and discerning truth. To develop our senses and stimulate with great clarity our mental faculties so that there is tremendous knowing in all that we are and do; and to further couple that with the wisdom of the heart so that we live, feel, thinketh and act from this place of inner union is a gift to our own evolution and that of humanity. 

Our cocks do not get us ‘in trouble’, our lack of awareness, intellect, feeling and drive to know and be ourselves places us in precarious and perpetually painful conditions. 

Like you, your beloved, partner or fling at that time needs to feel revered, respected and connected. How can they if as men we do not respect nor fully understand the power of our lingam’s (cock, dick, penis, etc.)?

We have been taught for too long that our cocks are useful for one act. Wrong! It is time to perceive the world from a place of enlightened empowerment and interconnectedness. We, as men have tremendous capacity to give, feel and explore wildly, in such a way that liberties limitation, friction and rigidity. 

To unleash the wildness within the feminine or the softness within her being is a resonant sound that can only be echoed and a door that can only be unlocked through the conscious integration of self with other…

When we combine consciousness and sexuality we discover an aspect of the human connection and condition that entitles us to deeper states of pleasure, evolution and awareness that we never ‘knew’ existed. 

To journey with your woman and take her deeper than the physical and bring her to a place of surrender, where locking your gaze with hers allows her to be free is liberating for both of you.

A conscious and integrated man observed his cock as a powerful tool for connection and embodiment. An embodied evolution,  of self where cock-consciousness reigns supreme and is treated with respect and dignity, usefulness and truth.

To release the creative, sensual and open energy that the feminine holds is a gift to both of you and the collective consciousness. When you guide your conscious cock wisely you birth a dream state where you may both meet each other and share the deepest levels of intimacy.

The masculine and feminine energies both bring magic to a new world of co-created presence. To breath, pulsate and move in synchronistic harmony is a gift that only unfolds with deep, embodied and responsible awareness of self (healthy masculine postures). 

When you realise the capacity for your power, you realise your godliness. Not from a place of ego, but from an internal space of connected reverence. 

The decisions you now make from this place are empowered, authentic, clear, stable and discerning. No more bulls**t. 

Her moans deepen, your thrusts more profound, your synchronistic and harmonized movement in divine tangent. You become unstoppable in your ability to open and flower the feminine as you seed consciousness from a place of cosmic and universal love. 

When we act from a place of solidarity and knowingness, taking what we want from a place of enlightened selfishness we are merging in cosmic union, we are clarifying in openness and serving deeply the feminine in her embodied and natural state.

Two ‘bodies’ become one in a timeless flow of ecstasis beyond comprehension. Something to only be experienced in sacred union of two beings residing in their truth, trusting, exploring and feeling internally their collective power.

To lead wholly is to be embodied and present in one’s healthy masculine posturing. To lead the feminine can only be done when certainty within self is evoked. Otherwise, we live and act immaturely, from a place of deficit, scarcity and objectification – weak in our expression, timid in our truth.  

To be a man means to be timeless. To be timeless in sacred union or in a hard f**k means we must be certain of who we are in this life as men – to live in and on purpose liberates us from ignorance, shadow pain and easily influenced weak mindedness and mindlessness.

To give yourself fully, lead, be present and to know when to ravage or be gentle with the feminine is dependent on your foresight, insight and open integration of your ‘brain-heart-cock connection’. 

To cultivate this truth and practice, one must be aware of the healing power of the lingam. Conscious sex is f*****g medicine for the uniting souls embraced in flesh to flesh, heart to heart, soul to soul and mind to mind raw contact. 

Men, we have become diseased from a lack of connection, understanding and responsibility – from our purpose, directive, ourselves, each other, from Gaia and from the potent power of the feminine. 

It is time to reclaim our sexuality. To reclaim our sexual consciousness. To realise that when we integrate a deep awareness of self through sexual union, we grow, connect, involve, evolve, transform and heal ourselves and others.

Men, ignore the consciousness of your cock (and its hyper connected wisdom) and you are ignoring your potential for deeply, embodied union, presence and liberation.


One is always glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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