The Nurturing Nature Of Divine Presence

The Uncertainty

Whilst the feminine in all her fluidity, differentiating postures, flowing nature, open and unpredictable expression and mystery is known for her uncertain movement through life there is something we can be deeply certain about.


The Certainty

Amongst various beautiful, endearing qualities and depth of expression that the feminine within and with-out maintains; one is represented in the form of her delicate nurturing being for what she values, protects, love’s profoundly and is connected to deeply.

Without this nurturing expression we lose our ability to love and be loved, to feel depth of connection and unity consciousness. In this depth – our consciousness emerges, it is the spark of feminine care within that allows us to recognize the power of transcendent masculine consciousness.

This nurturing expression is open and inclusive. In this inclusivity we find a giving that is divine. A flow of life that allows us to simply be and it is in this being we find resolve, meaning, wisdom and gnosis.

A deep inner knowing flows from within our being and we connect intimately with all that surrounds us…


Selfless Giving

It is through this nurturing gift of selflessness that we feel supported, we uncover our permeating truth and we feel confident. The feminine within us shines a bright light on the darkest and most hidden aspects of self and openly states: ‘you are held, you are loved, just be you, be what you must, traverse unknown plains, you are enough and know that wherever you may go – I am here supporting you, holding you and loving you.’

This may appear to be segregating but what is in fact occurring is that the varied expressions of self are communicating authentically and deeply within. When we as connected beings allow this flow of communication to take place between our doing and being aspects of self, we actualise, realise and transmute in to immersive wholeness. Then, and only then may we be that for ‘others’.


Honouring Profoundly & Deeply

It becomes imperative then that our masculine polarity within not take for granted the nurturing and divine nature of the feminine within. As human beings we are able to ‘know’ depths of consciousness because of the supportive wisdom and guidance of the feminine. The necessity in receiving from the blissful and grounded feminine without distortion is something I have been blessed to feel by my mentor.

As men we are responsible to not manipulate, take for granted nor splurge the sacredness of the eternal support presented by the feminine. No, we must hold fast, vertical, safe, stable and strong whilst the fullness and unveiling of this expression transpires.

It is here that we gain, it is here that we grow, it is here that we may feel loved, supported, nurtured and held with such reverence, depth of being, eternal Earth wisdom and clarity. When the feminine is allowed to express in fullness transcendence occurs. Here we experience a soulful reciprocity between masculine and feminine whole emergence.


Expansion – Flux – Connection

We flux from one state to another, one of a higher vibratory connection. States are always experienced in transient flux, but the greater experiential time is spent in ‘higher’ states of being the more we lift our base stage developments (our more solid, ‘permanent’ ways of moving through the world).

In other words, we are expanding and evolving by adhering to a delicate and harmonious balance of allowance. This allowance is a reverence for the roles played within that ultimately leads to whole connection. First within, and only then may we connect in similar ways with our loved ones (externalised versions of ourselves).


We Are Wholeness

The message here is to honour both the supportive varied expressions of the inner self – the way the masculine and feminine within hold each other and the self. Men, it is imperative we allow our beautiful women to be in flow. Women, it is essential you remain patient and gently direct your men towards greatness by being immersed in your beautiful and caring nature. Know that if we live in this authentic space and we are not felt for what we truly are, then our environment is feedback and we must consider strongly our actions.

Action or our physicality is an extension of our spirituality and we must choose what serves the greatest good… we ultimately must take action in order to grow and flourish in to the wonderment and potential that we are.


One is always glad to be of service.

We are often so afraid of our no’s. We are afraid to be seen as perhaps going against the grain, letting others down, being seen a certain way or perhaps there is a fear of a backlash – rejection, humiliation, abandonment at the deepest roots of our fears.

No may imply that we are not agreeable and therefore not part of the in-group. At a visceral and primal level this means death, being ostracised, isolation and being alone.

No one wants that and no one wants to really go against the needs of others. So, we appease. We people please and we sacrifice our values for the happiness and way of others. Saying no requires courage. Saying no means that we are stepping FULLY in to our truth without inhibition and with purity of courage.

Saying no means we are assuming full responsibility and ownership for our state, beliefs, feelings and needs. Saying no means we know ourselves and we also run the risk ‘losing’ people in our lives. Say no may actually limit the pool of peers we wish to spend our precious energy with.

What saying no also does is liberate us. It allows us to choose wisely and more authentically who and what we experience in our lives. What holding a strong NO actually does is fortify our YES by providing us with clear contrast and opposite, not a murky ‘half in / half out’ approach to life.

A clear no is a clear yes to what is not a know. Clarity is powerful when it comes to intimate relating and navigating our way through the world. With clarity in what is for us and what is not, our lives become a jumbled mess of other people’s values, norms and ideals.

We lose ourselves in appeasing others and we become frustrated, resentful and disillusioned with life and we are truly not fulfilled. Why? Because our choices and actions are not congruent with what we truly want. We all want our intuitive centres to flourish.

To be able to make decisions quickly, accurately and with precision. To ‘KNOW’ that the choices we make are ‘right’ for us. In order to master this art, we must practice being diligently truthful with all that we are in the world. If not, we suffer and often silently, which makes it worse as confusion is now added to the mix.

If you want to be a F*CK YES in life, then KNOW your no’s and act on them, fear will only stunt your expansion and isolate you further from those and that which you love… Trust that the yes’s will follow organically.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



The Density Of Anger

I can tell you about the physiological effects that excess anger and frustration has on the body. I can tell you how excess stress hormones released throughout the body due to a cognitive spotlight focus of anger damages our neurones.

I can tell you about the feeling of not being in control and how longterm, this affects negatively our sense of self and understanding of who we are. I can tell you that the less we self-regulate the more we have that feeling of not being in control of the direction of our internal monologue, stories we feel ourselves and pain we feel.

The Masculine Within

What happens when the masculine within leaves? All the times we’ve neglected ourselves didn’t trust, obsessed with excessive and external validation and approval and couldn’t contain our power, we lost our ability to love ourselves as we were.
We judged and didn’t appreciate. We felt unprotected, loose in our boundaries and excessive in our ways. Aggressive, short-tempered and sad that we were not seen. This is a big part of the “father wounding”.

Owning Anger

I’ve been angry at people, myself, collective leadership, culture and everything that isn’t “seamless” in life. I’m judging myself and not owning my anger. I’m stuck in a pattern of pitying myself and thinking I’m weak because I am angry. Whilst I’ve been aware of it, I haven’t slowed down ENOUGH to digest feeling the accumulation of the collective panic, I have been in “response mode”.

Today’s Modern Warrior

In a world of dysmorphic alpha males that are attached to polarized and unhealthy expressive states of being, something needs to give… We tend to think that there are either alpha or beta males – firstly, this line of thinking is limiting (does alpha even truly exist???? And secondly, we have an opportunity to redefine what it means to be an ‘alpha’ male…

Depth Of Honouring

Generally, men are seen or considered stable, vertical and never-changing (reliable and strong). The masculine, consciousness or conscious energy is this – but it also transitions through life as it (that expressive aspect of self becomes self-realised).

As healthy masculine men we are ever-changing in the sense not that we are not stable nor that we are fluid, but as we become conscious we evolve and we evolve in to new ways of expression, being and viewing reality.

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