My Unhealthy Shadow Relationship To Food

Men experience food addictions and body issues too. I used food as a means to escape. To leave my reality. It made me feel good. I felt connected, alive and SAFE with food. Food, like the movies, would momentarily take me away from a place that was violent, volatile and what felt to be unsafe.

It became the norm for me. Sugar fixes, overindulgence and gorging my food. I would eat a great deal, eat fast and want more. I associated food with safety. When at my grandparents’ house, my grandmother would cook up a storm.

Italian grandparents love feeding their grandchildren. I would feel sad for being at home and my grandmother always made me feel better. I began to build the neurological and emotional associations with food. I relied on food to make me feel better and there were times I couldn’t get enough, to the point I would vomit. This also plays into victim and co-dependence patterns I was developing.

This obviously affected my weight and I became conscious of this also. I would notice my father commenting on it more and I felt even more isolated. However, food was a constant, I could rely on food. But as my hormones changed, so did my outlook on life and my body. I changed my relationship to food and my body because that was something I was NOT comfortable with and it took some time. I go into more detail in the video.

I explore my relationship to fitness, health, mental wellness and how food can still affect me to this day and what I do to be in greater harmony with my body. There are still attachments there, however, I am aware of them and I am not so easily controlled by old patterns of impulses.

An example may be, if I am not feeling connected to my body, I may train harder, more, longer and really restrict my eating. I like to experiment with the edge, however, truth be told, some cases its because I am feeling low self-esteem and low self-worth. The “come from” is not healthy in this case.

I share this with you all so that you know you needn’t suffer in silence and isolation. You are not alone.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author




Breathe… We hear this all the time. What does it mean? Breathing deliberately with intention helps us grow, be healthier and simply put overall better at life…
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Now more than ever I feel deeply connected to the core of who I and appreciate deeply what I bring to the world, but it has not always been this way. I struggled as a child to know myself and to be comfortable to show ‘the real me’ in front of others.

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When we pursue what we value with tenacity, unparalleled focus and a mindset of resilience we learn more about ourselves, our capacity and our power than almost any other means of self-discovery.

Let’s redefine aggression for a moment. Let’s look at aggression as inspired relentlessness. It’s a fuel source that sources our highest expression in to the world. Now, raw aggression in times of absolute survival is a different concept.

Signs You Are In Your Shadow Masculine

This energy, which applies to both men and women is less about gender and more about expression in this specific context. We talk about these traits in “masculine” terms because they are associated with that contrasted energetic expression. We can use other terms such as: “go energy” or “do energy”. These energies are vital for us but when extreme like anything becomes unhealthy.


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