Sexuality Is Key

Sacred sexual union is a bridge crossed to bring you to higher levels of consciousness and connection, not only with one another but with yourself.

Sexuality is key. It is a doorway to the higher realms of consciousness. As you redefine yourself and the way in which you love, see and define yourself, you will shift sexually as well.

It is your sexuality that you are also most frightened of, for once accessed fully it reveals who you truly are. It is here that all of you reside. Your personality, your sense of self, your confidence, your spirituality, values and attractions, your seat of fear, and your courage.

Searching for love outside of yourself is fruitless. You are attempting to feel a void of unworthiness. You are attempting to stimulate your genitals externally to place pleasure back into your body. This is a false God. Not because of the genital stimulation but because of it’s come from.

You are looking for somebody else to put meaning in your life and validate you. If you do not have that person, you become angry or feel you are worthless. This is a pattern you grew up with, which your parents and your society showed you was true. It is not.

You forget quickly your magnificence. And that it can be accessed through your sexuality. If only you could access it freely, without the need to compensate for what you believe is “not enough.” Yet, you are…

It begins with being comfortable with being alone in solitude. Not in isolation. Can you love all of your parts? Can you be your own bridge, so that you needn’t desperately seek salvation in others?

It is imperative that you value and honor yourself so that you do not settle for a love disguised. So that you choose wisely whom you share your energy with. The more you value YOU, the greater the alignment in sexual energies shared.

I have shared my electromagnetic energy exchange with too many misaligned women. Because I was out of integrity with myself. I didn’t view my sexuality as sacred, only primal. Yes, it is that AND it is more. We are more.

What is sacred for you in sexuality? 

One is glad to be of service. 

Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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