Sexuality Is a Frequency That Represents YOU

Most sex is just unconscious, mutual masturbation trying to relieve our pain and shame. Conscious sexuality is about the merging of ALL that we are and saying “here I am, take all of me, as I accept all of me and welcome all of you”…

When was the last time you really surrendered to sex? To your own body? To fully accept yourself for who you are and share that moment with another?

When was the last time you were there for them and not for your own quick-fix, peak experience? Nothing wrong with quick, hard physical release-based sex, but if that is all we are having are we missing something? Are we running this human experience in a limited range of expression?

Many of the fears you carry and false perceptions of self are based on what you have co-created, what has been done to you (the power you have lost or given away) and what you have done to others in your sexual life.

Your sexual history affects all of who you are. Your body feels this and acts from this place. You’ll avoid this because it is too painful, and you judge it because you think it is your fault and that you are bad.

Stop judging, start feeling and allow yourself to forgive. Now, your sex doesn’t become a vehicle to forget, but rather a place where you can explore, expand and feel safe.

I hear that you have perhaps violated others and you have been violated. Holding onto this and trying to forget it by running from it through suppression or promiscuity is only reinforcing this sense of unworthiness. You are worthy!

Understand that you are here to release what no longer serves you and to embrace all of you. At the moment, you are bringing portions of yourself to your sex. The sex is fragmented and fractured because you don’t feel whole, nor do you believe in your wholeness.

Sexuality is a frequency that represents all of you. Your identity has been forged through the crucible of the totality of all of your experiences. Denying this denies your eternal right to cosmic ecstasy. Own all of you, to experience all of you through yourself and the others.

Feel me???

One is glad to be of service.

Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



A Healthy And Embodied Masculine Man

Your ability to be a HEALTHY and embodied masculine man will be dependent on how RESILIENT and TOUGH you are WILLING to be.

Let’s just speak to two expressions or components for healthy masculinity. Sure, there are many – presence, compassion, confidence, clarity, honesty, truth, openness, vulnerability, decisiveness, introspective, magnetic, robust, adaptability, expansive, singular and so much more.

Transcending Into The Ethereal in Sacred Union

Intimate sexual union is more about harmonizing the energetic poles between two beings than it is about reaching a particular “state”. The greatest “mistake” we make though is thinking that harmonization is a dulling down of our polarities or expression in order to be in some type of mundane state or balance… Quite the contrary.

Embracing differences

We speak to the differences in men and women not to segregate but to celebrate. This celebration allows us to honor ourselves and each other. The truth is we are in this together.

Divine Union is something that can only flourish when polarity is felt to be merged. When sacred masculine deliberate intention meets sacred feminine compassion and opening.

Symbiotic Mirroring In The Beloved

When we move towards being open enough to love we begin to experience relationship in the most profound of ways. We define sacred union as a cosmic bond that allows us to merge in to each other in such a way that in the other we see ourselves…

Love Learns From The Past

In a relationship, we often let our past infiltrate our present. We allow our unconscious and unresolved wounding to dictate how we behave, how we treat others and how we see ourselves.
The ego simply wants to protect us, to keep us safe and help us remain in what is familiar to us. The ego-self is not “bad.”. The ego is simply grounding us and what it knows, keeping our bodies minds and the emotional being safe and away from harm.


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