Owning Anger

Are you angry? Can you own your anger? Do you have a healthy outlet for your anger? Ive been angry of late and haven’t owned that power within. My body is responding to global events and I’m being resistant.

With all the deep self-work and anger work I do there are still parts of me that believe it’s weak or wrong. But directed anger with clarity is pure fucking energy.

I’ve been angry at people, myself, collective leadership, culture and everything that isn’t “seamless” in life. I’m judging myself and not owning my anger. I’m stuck in a pattern of pitying myself and thinking I’m weak because I am angry. Whilst I’ve been aware of it, I haven’t slowed down ENOUGH to digest feeling the accumulation of the collective panic, I have been in “response mode”.

I spend so much time serving and giving that I have forgotten to give to me. Even my grounding morning practices haven’t been enough to keep me more harmonious within. Their world is going through it at the moment and I’m feeling all of that. And I haven’t adjusted fully to accommodate these massive changes.

My work has been to deliberately release my anger (not needing to know where it’s coming from) and to initially move it somatically. Moving it has given me clarity, faith and wisdom. It’s also created spaciousness in my being through the releasing process.

I’ve used anger burns, speaking more openly about this with my brothers, moving my body with greater intensity, deepening my breathwork and stillness practice and ensuring I have space to expand within my own vision for self and humanity. This ultimately means greater compassion for myself and for others. Many of us are simultaneously growing and suffering – oscillating between these two states. Can we lean into that?

In these times adjusting at deeper levels than we’ve been accustomed to helps us unite. The world – in all its ways is asking us to level up. What does that look like for you? Can you open your heart even more? For me, owning and expressing my anger has the parallel of opening my heart❤️

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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