Stef Sifandos
Relational Alchemist, Community Builder & Changemaker

On Being Safe

Perhaps there is nothing more beautifully profound and magical then knowing with all that you are that you are safe for those who are in your lives, particularly your beloved. That you will hold them through the chaos, the internal raging sea of volatility that we all experience as we grow, change and transmute ourselves at various points in our lives.

If you can be safe during these period through trusting and un-wavering certainty you are not only giving a gift of purity and life to another – you are deeply evolving yourself with great strength and connection.

One feeling that no being should consistently, repeatedly and regularly feel from their beloved is insecurity, a lack of safety and feelings of untrustworthy in the relationship. We enter sacred union to grow, to become more empowered versions of ourselves. Not so much because of how the other shows up specifically (although this matters of course), but rather how we choose to respond to intimacy.

In this responsiveness, we have a choice to be stable and safe, to be a beacon of wisdom and trust or to be uncertain, undefinable and erratic by our expression. Of course, there is a middle ground and that is where we take elements of both and be that in the relationship. However, this posture also leads to at times intense discomfort through the experience of erratic and volatile uncertainty.

To be safe for another is a blessing, a gift and an opportunity to expand and reach the far chasms of the unchartered and unexplored layered self. To be connected to the certainty of who one is with such clarity and wisdom shines a bright light on what is at times quite dark, hazy, scary and painful. To assist another to move through their personal pain and fear whilst you are a lighthouse shining the way is an honour and something to be revered.

In fact, as human beings it is our duty to see beyond our own pain and be present and safe for others. We are relational, connect beings – neurally, emotionally, psychologically and biologically. How do we do this, embody this? By ‘working’ on our own shadows, equilibrating our pain, our past and our trauma. To be at peace with who we have been, what we are and where we have come from. Importantly, to respect and be in deep connection to who we are becoming with the conscious choices we make in the present.

The dream world is an interesting place. A place of magic, deep revealing and empowered insight in to the workings of our minds and relationships. Jungian dream theory states that dreams reveal more than they conceal. They are a natural expression of our imagination and use the most straightforward language at our disposal: mythic narratives. Dreams are doing the work of integrating our conscious and unconscious lives; he called this the process of individuation.

In our dreams we may allow ourselves to be this strength, this connection, this safe place. We can practice in our dreams, get deeply connected to what we desire and who we wish to be for ourselves and for others. Look at dreams as our playground and practice ground for expression in the physical realm.

To be safe, is to be whole. To be whole is to live openly and gesture grandly in this life. To be whole involves brain integration, psychological equilibration, emotional literacy and relational harmony to co-exist peacefully within your world. To be safe is to call in your one accurately, lovingly and authentically – it is to call in your greatest love, which begins with the acknowledgement of that whole love within you. From here, it branches out towards the far reaches of all that is and ever will be.

One is always glad to be of service.

Stef Sifandos
Relational Alchemist, Community Builder & Changemaker
Stef Sifandos
Relational Alchemist, Community Builder & Changemaker

Intimacy – A Dance Between Lovers

“The intimate and blissful dance between taking & being taken allows us to know ourselves at such depth”. This is contrast dynamics/polarity dynamics & the song of the masculine & the feminine, which resides within all of us.

The One Thing That Creates Connection, Depth, and Intimacy

We learn at a young age to wear masks to protect ourselves and be part of the “in” or popular group. We seek validation, approval and acceptance of those we deify, love and respect (aka our parents, peers and society).
We can’t maintain this. We seek to be accepted in all the wrong ways. Masculine and feminine energies exist in all of us. They are simply contrasted energetic expressions of our thoughts, beliefs and reality.

Initiate, Connect, Feel

Too many of us hide behind our wounding. We are not present and we are running on a program of what we think others or society want us to be and do. The truth is, when we behave like this we are non-committal, distant and we perceive ourselves to be fractured.

Choose Wisely Whom You Share Yourself With

ometimes we go TOO FAR outside of ourselves to define who we are. We are greater than we often think…

Who we spend our time with influences who we become. Who we allow ourselves to be with impacts the quality of our path.

The Sacred Art Of Creative Seduction

To seduce deeply we must know & importantly feel ourselves and what we desire. So many of us attempt to love in the world but are pulled away from our sexual desires.

We are so disconnected from our needs. So shamed for who we are, what we want and what we need in this human-spiritual form.

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