Soul Stimulation

Turn your sexual stimulation into “soul stimulation”. YES, please stimulate your physical sexuality AND elevate your soul through your sex.

If your soul embodies all of that which you and that ALL is, then your sex accesses the whole and unified experience that is you. In that moment of divine bliss, there is you, there is the other and there is a merging and blending into wholeness.

Unified consciousness, there is no separation.

A suspension of all the moments that have ever been and ever will be condensed into presence. Ah, the power of presence. Our sex allows us to be seen and see momentarily all that is and ever will be.

Presence allows us to witness and be witnessed. There is a reason why the feminine craves the presence of the masculine.

And why the masculine thrives in his now expression of presence.

Through our sexual union, we open our heart’s portal to divine love and the divine dreamscape of all things eternal. A love that is ravishing, seducing, mysterious, raw, enriching, abundant, and slow all at once.

It becomes what you are in that moment and what you are in that moment is an accumulation of all that has ever been and will be.

A love that dreams together, grows, flourishes, and expands to the far reaches of existence together. Imagine this. Laying there in bliss, having experienced physical sexual intimacy and together then drifting into the dreamscape and meeting each other there. A sensual fusing of consciousness, to then awaken being in each other’s dreams.

Our sex access our expansion. Our sex grants us permission to feel, see, and be our potential in perpetual and infinite motion even if it’s only for a finite moment.

Our sex allows us to remember our original and only state, whilst forgetting what we are not, yet what we project.

Our sex inspires our armor to collapse and our voice to be heard reverberating throughout the cosmos.

What profound grace unravels when you lean into your own expressive vulnerability of releasing your human inhibitions and allow your beloved to worship all that is you, which is all that is they?

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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