Experiencing The Father Wound As An Adult

  • You may be controlling, oppressive, subjugating and aggressive
  • Are hyper-competitive 
  • Have no healthy male friendships and bonds
  • No mastery of your sexuality 
  • Excessively seek validation through accomplishments and status
  • You consistently feel lost within
  • Lack of drive, inspiration, vision, and purpose
  • Purely driven by goals and a “win at all costs” attitude
  • Unconsciously seeking your father’s approval and acceptance
  • Self-loathing, self-hate, and self-destructive behaviours
  • “Enough is never enough” attitude

The father wound can show up in all of us. The father wound refers to father absenteeism, whether both emotionally and/or physically, and/or your father being very critical, negative, and even abusive character, can impact you and your adult intimate relationships.

The Father is supposed to provide initiation into manhood. When we miss this in our lives, we crave guidance and if we feel alone, we move to extremes or even to others to fill that gap.

Those of us with father wounds crave attention, approval, adoration, acceptance, and respect. We yearn for what we did not receive. We validate ourselves through our achievements, however, our achievements are never enough for ourselves or others, so we often push and push and push.

Let’s break this down:

Neglect“I am unimportant”

Absence – Divorce, separation, death

Abuse – Mental, physical, sexual, spiritual

Control – Oppressive domination

Withholding – Love, blessings, and/or affirmation, deficiencies that lead to a profound lack of self-acceptance.

We often crave the love we feel we missed out on through high-risk taking also, pushing social boundaries – stealing cars, drugs, extreme sports, gang-related violence, rebellion, cheating on tests and examinations in order to prove worth and so much more.

Experiencing the father wound and the perception that you believe you are not enough holds you back from experiencing true intimacy. Almost everyone (unconsciously or even consciously) is considered a threat. We may be men, however, our mentality may be stuck in that uninitiated boyhood.

If you have experienced any of this, you are not alone, I felt the weight of this for so long. Surround yourself with support, particularly if you are a man, surround yourself with other healthy men that see you. But first, you must see yourself.

Observe the areas of your life the feel incomplete, or empty. Enquire deeper into this and identify where and how you can feel fuller in your expression. Join a men’s group and begin to ritualize your transformations from boyhood to manhood. Look in the mirror every day and remind yourself that you are worthy, enough, and that you have the power.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Vulnerability In Voice

There is great transitional and transformational power in releasing the fullness of one’s voice in to the world. Partial expression is important, but there are parts of self that must be heard. How do we know which parts are these? We feel it, we ‘know’. I am still finding the range, breadth, depth and robustness in my voice.

Step Into The Light

I spent most of my life living in the dark. Either pretending I had no shadow or only wanting to focus on my “good side”. And even now, when feeling extreme pressure or convenient I revert to that place. Whether it is a new year, decade, month or day. I am making a choice right here and right now. That choice is to stop polarizing and start embracing all of me, not just the convenient parts.

Home in Retrospect

It has been really difficult being back here “home”… What is home? It has changed for me so much. The last few years have been turbulent, revealing, painful, healing and empowering. Being back in this place has disorientated me in many ways.
Yes, it has been nurturing to my soul, my dear friends, blessed life long connections, family and loved ones, yet I feel displaced. Have you ever been somewhere that felt so familiar, yet you feel you didn’t belong anymore? I am here.

The Place Beyond Knowing

There is a place – a space that occupies the sub structures of our minds that resides beyond the conscious self.

This place is what we do not know, what we are not aware of and what is not familiar.

It is here in this place where there is so much that we know, yet are unaware of. Here, there is a story being constructed that we are architecting, it has no idea.

Are You Being Selfish?

I have been really contemplating and feeling this a lot lately. Asking myself whether or not my interests and actions are “too selfish”.
Am I not considering others enough in my decision making and more prominently, am I too easily put out? Am I not adaptive enough. I’m dealing with some acute responsibilities at the moment and it’s stoping me from personal stuff that I’d like to be doing.

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