The Truthful Gaze

It can be difficult to honor ourselves. Self-love and self-honoring haven’t been a priority for the collective. We have become more accustomed to obsessing as opposed to healthy honor and worship of others instead of ourselves.

What if we could use the act of HEALTHY worship of another to provide us with deep insight in to our own worth? What if the healthy, non-attached, compassionate, wise and cosmic worship of another allowed us to see our worthiness and value?

Can you honor her fullness? Can you worship the gifts she gives you WITHOUT judgment and segregation? Can you give yourself to her cosmos? Allow her to fee your permeating gaze that is fixated on her power – her universe?

Can you see her for all that she is… less through your own subjective and tainted lens and more through universal consciousness? Can you accept her with all her idiosyncrasies, bumps, dents, scars, experiences, ways and being?

Can you in turn forgive yourself, see yourself for the powerful sovereign being that you are, feel your autonomy and the gift of your attentive presence? Can you allow her to see you? Can you be real, raw and open? Can she see your ‘faults’, ‘failures’ and ‘flaws’…?

Can you marvel and gaze at her life giving creation? Can you unravel her with your eyes and honor every morsel of her ravishing body and every fiber of her being? Can you suspend your mind for a moment and marvel with your heart?

Can you release the past; to let in the present; to create the future? Can you just be there, admiring her for all that she is, as she dances her earthly dance, tempting you with her elegance, beauty and curves…?

Can you value her for who she is in each and every moment and be in rapture of her ways? Can her voice be heard as an angelic Siren luring you to your death? Not the death of your ultimate and true self… no, no… the death of the small self. The EGO, as it perishes in to nothingness and you are left with the rawness of love.

Can you see her and receive her fullness, whether it be static, stable or in between and not taint it with your fear, with your insecurities, with your past and with your worry?

Can you surrender, yet be known? Can you give, yet not too much? Can you open your integrated being to receive her timelessness? And can you pay homage to her life altering breath? If you can see without harshness, then you can live in honor.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Being Seen Clearly

When we simply bask in the authentic radiant expression of another and sit still in allowance and free of judgment – the magic of synchronistic unified expression is unleashed.

With the stillness of this action comes great power – for the observing, the observer and the observed. As men, when we observe without wanting to change or bend we are allowing the feminine to be seen safely. She feels unhindered and therefore may show up fully.


Masculinity is forced because true masculinity in contemporary times has been suppressed. There are those that may say if something is forced, then it is not real, nor a worthy pursuit. AND, do we not at times force ourselves to play an instrument or up level our smarts in certain expressions or remain focused on a disagreement with a loved one so that we can reconcile?

Expressing Pain & Releasing Fear In Relationship

There is great value in expressing our pain, in releasing our fears, hurt and tension that resides within our hearts, minds and bodies. Learning to express, label and identify through verbalisation for example makes our feelings of sadness, frustration and anger less intense…

Who’s Your Brother?

Men are too isolated, lonely, disconnected and not aware of the need to have men in their lives.
Men today have fallen from their own grace. Men have lost their own sense of deep responsibility in honouring the path of brotherhood. In a world of hyper-competition and fears driven action we have become isolated by our own conditioning. Men were born to be warriors. Like we will never directly relate to the giving of birth, the bond between warrior brothers is one reserved for the connected man.

Our Untapped Power

“See before you can see”.

There is so much that we don’t ‘see’ with our eyes. Whilst our eyes play such an important role in directing the course of our lives reality, ‘there is more to us than meets the eye’…

We are intuitive beings connected to our environment. Multidimensional, multifaceted and multi learning beings.


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