5 Reasons Leading To Uncovering Your Why Every Successful Entrepreneur Must Know

Part 1: The Top 5 Reasons In Unpacking Your Why!

German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said: “He who has a why can endure any how.” Knowing your why is an important first step in figuring out how to achieve the goals that excite you and create a life you enjoy living (versus merely surviving!).

Being around children assists us in understanding the most fundamental drive of what it means to be human. To query, to explore and to know – but more specifically to know ‘why’? It is our why in life that determines the lives we live. Children are the grandest innovators and are infinitely curious. It is by placing themselves in the realm of endless curiosity as to ‘why’ does life happen that allows them to grow exponentially. There is a tremendous parallel drawn here, between the life of a child and our grandest vision for business.


We Know Why We Know

Even from a young age, we know intuitively that the motive, purpose and drive behind any course of action is the most important facet to any evolving end state and story. When it comes to your business or rather your service to the world (and it does not matter at what stage of growth you are at) intrinsically knowing and deeply connecting profoundly to your ‘why’ and to what drives you with zest, inspired action and plain f*****g passion will assist you in remaining focused, present and committed to your dream whilst simultaneously, naturally attracting and engaging like minded persons to be an integral part of your mission.

Life and especially the volatility of business will fluctuate. By fluctuate we are speaking directly to the ups and downs of life, business, relationships, people, circumstances and simply the manner in which we move through the world.

There are multiple reasons why many of us choose the path of service and become entrepreneurs or business owners: drive to improve, evolve and upgrade our collective systems, enhance humanity, add value to our sociocultural norms, personal satisfaction, creative independence or financial autonomy are some. Yet all of these reasons or why’s have something in common. At the core, they all are about freedom; giving and expression of one’s true self.

It is this true or authentic self that we wish to deeply access. There is a great deal to be learnt from the personal growth movement and it’s teachings. Personal growth is about knowing self. The greater clarity we have around knowing self, the deeper our alignment in our actions. This alignment marries our internal state of being with our external actions. Allow me to elaborate in the simplest of terms.

Our internal world – beliefs, models of reality, thought paradigms, deepest yearnings, emotional state, likes, dislikes, feelings and connection to self.

Our external world – behaviours, actions, the manner in which we treat others, engage in relationships, sociocultural norms, socioeconomic status, and outward expressions


Merging Both Worlds

When we marry our internal and external worlds, we are in harmony and we are experiencing authenticity. When our behaviours align with our thoughts and beliefs systems we experience clarity of being. But what does this have to do with our why? Well this authenticity and clarity allows us greater access to our creative faculties and we are more likely to live in openness, truth, prosperity, authenticity and in alignment with our why. Remember, it is our why that is grounded in deep inspirational roots of being and it is in an inspired state of being that we are:

 Highly productive
• Deeply contemplative
• Joyous
• Blissful
• Real in our behaviours
• Have and feel meaningful purpose
 Are profoundly connected and
• Sincere in all that we do


The Value Of Meaning

To know our why allows us to ultimately leave in deep meaning. We needn’t be motivated from the rational and conscious mind. We are innately inspired and driven naturally to align our actions with our inner most truth. It is this process that allows us to experience deep meaning and fulfilment in our everyday lives, which ultimately leads to congruent happiness. This state of being is contagious. Act from this space with a clearly defined and well-aligned goal for your business that is in tremendous service to the world and you have a complete recipe for success. You will attract well-intentioned and well-aligned people that will share your vision and support your journey as you support theirs.

Knowing your why also liberates you from suffering and tension. And both of these combined in business stifles growth, detracts you from your authentic service, limits your reach, capacity, potential and causes confusion in your business model.

That liberated state can come in many different forms: the freedom to innovate, be agile and robust in decision making in order to ensure as many people as possible have access to your service rather than waiting for corporate green lights; the freedom to offer a product or service that does business differently, incorporating a perspective of social equity or; maybe the literal freedom to enjoy other aspects of life. The reality is having clarity on your why, will allow you to move freely in your business and service.

So, how do we identify with our why? Below are 5 ways to connect to your why, gain clarity in your direction and begin to lead from an empowered state of being.


1) Connect to your inspiring story

What inspires you daily? What do you live for? What interests you profoundly? What is your purpose in this life? Why do you awake in the morning? Asking these key questions will open your heart and soul up to your creative nature and allow you to connect deeply to who you are and what you wish to be. If you are interested in understanding your purpose in life go here to discover 3 powerful modalities in discovering and living your purpose:


2) Be of service

It is rarely solely about the money. If you are only driven by money, you will not be successful in a transforming world that is valuing service, meaning and authenticity more and more. Step in to your authentic truth, be in your business through a position of meaningful service to others and the Earth. Tackle grand problems, observe closely what is required to innovate our sociocultural and socioeconomic systems. What issues can you lend your expertise to solve large-scale, global issues? Be definitive with respect to an area of life bigger than you that you can be of grand service to. Make this a life-long mission – one that is sustainable and where you thrive.


3) Legacy building

What ‘why’ can you attach to your business that leaves a legacy for others to also follow and are deeply inspired by? Knowing your why allows the how to simply flow with ease, joy and glory. You will define creativity not intellectually, but by simply being engaged, because you are so present in leaving a legacy and business that is sustainable and contributing in nature that you will be unstoppable in your resolve.


4) Identify your strengths

In The Element, Sir Ken Robinson says that our element is the point at which natural talent and skill meets personal passion. When people are in their element they are not only more productive, cohesive, connected and authentic, but they add more value to those around them and enjoy more personal and professional fulfilment. Accordingly, it’s also often where they also tend to make more money! Ask yourself where you excel? What you are good at and have been cultivating skills in for some time? Are you able to see patterns and opportunities amidst complexity?

Are you creative, naturally adept at coming up with ‘outside the box’ and innovative and agile solutions? Are you a rule breaker with an innate ability to identify where the status quo and dominating thought paradigms of our time are of no use? Are you brilliant in the details (are you mechanic archetype), proficient at executing detailed projects with a precision? Or are you an excellent communicator, technocrat, diplomat, networker, leader, and problem solver or change agent? Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Indeed they do.


5) Recruit the appropriate emotions

This is empowering and deeply powerful. Recruit the internal emotional paradigm you require to set your heart on fire and drive you towards heart based business practices that will add value to the world. Understanding our emotional frameworks and being emotionally intelligent and literate will allow us to flow deeply in to our committed service to humanity and Earth through our business. These healthily expressed emotions will fuel our desire to give, to achieve, to be and to flow in service to our own journey and to the path of others.

In this day and age, businesses are more than moneymaking machines. Creating wealth is by no means shallow or useless. The material wealth paradigm plays an integral part in our society and when we understand its true nature, energetic value and place in our reality we can leverage it for wonderful achievements. But if we rest the laurels of our successes and reasons for engaging in business solely we will lose dim our internal flame of inspiration fast.

In a world that is collectively valuing more than just commercial gain, shareholder optimisation and financial acceleration at any cost – connecting to our why as entrepreneurs and business owners is crucial in innovating and transforming this world from a place of selfish, destructive and unsustainable commercial and economic practices to a set of practices that are inclusive, sustainable, value adding and meaningful.

Be on the look out for the next blog in this series – Corporate Consciousness – The art of redefining Corporate Social Responsibility.


One is always glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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