Why Sacred Union Is Sacred

It is through reference, context, contrast and mirroring that we understand deeply what life is truly about and for. I have recently reached certain realisations that without sacredness in mirroring I truly believe I would not have reached.

Not to move in extremes, but I feel that there are three core paths to enlightenment. One is through the detachment of this world, to minimise one’s exposure to culture, society and people. To literally ‘hermitise’ oneself, disappear to the altitude of the mountains and become a disciple of the mystic ways directly communicating with God.

Then there is the path of massive impact. Where an event occurs that is intensified, extreme and literally AWAKENS us, that is so powerful that everything we thought was true and real dissipates and falls by the wayside immediately. Perhaps an afflatus or spiritual awakening – a lightening bolt strikes us both metaphorically and often physically.

From here, we are completely transformed and there is no option but to amend in to the upper realms of explored and unified cosmic consciousness. Perhaps this is karmic or dharmic, perhaps something else, either way it is profoundly shifting.

The other way is through sacred union. I mean real sacred union. This type of sacred union is grounded here on Earth and involves two (or potentially more – I am not sure as humans at this point of evolution we have the capacity for this) ‘whole’ beings coming together teaching, learning, growing, transmuting and evolving in togetherness.

For many years I conformed to the notion that I would disappear in to the mountains, become an Eastern Mystic and neglect and move away from the world leaving it all behind. However, then I did not quite understand that all that I was doing – all of my actions were misaligned with this life. My actions (I) were preparing me for something grander, something more potent.

It is this realisation of sacred union that I believe we all have tremendous capacity to grow. I believe that this form of union has a propensity to accelerate our growth, expand our minds, open our hearts and have us evolve in to and beyond the Gods that we truly are – the ultimate expression of humanity and divinity through union.

One of the highest expressions of this physical vessel is to realise COMPLETELY that we are GODHEAD. We may embody this spiritual maturity through the merging self with Self through the mirroring of another. It is in this committed and intended application of choosing to see Self through self that we transcend the limitations of scarcity and restriction.

When two souls ignite the spark of cosmic connectedness it is felt fully by the entire YOU-niverse. We are each other. The embracing of this eternal truth is what liberates us to explore ourselves through our manifest cosmos. A gaze is far more than a gaze, it is an opportunity to KNOW self, to feel the eternal and permeating flow of love from the cosmos and to GIVE the gift of freedom to another (which is ultimately YOU).

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



The Divinity Of Femininity

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To learn from each other is to teach each other. To lean in to each other and to SEE each other.

The still of the masculine meets the fluid movement of the feminine.

The depth of the masculine draws out the magnificent nature of the feminine – the sparkle, the beauty, the light.

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