Universal Sexual Forces

Masculinity and femininity are not reserved solely for gender. They refer to universal sexual forces. Polarity within that either attracts or repels… And just because wild magnetic attraction exists doesn’t mean you should be romantically and deeply involved…

These energetics reside within all of us. The truth is for us to be in attraction and remain in attraction it is essential that we attract (and remain attracted) via means valuing the opposing energies we bring to a relationship.

Difference attracts and maintains attraction and desire, similarity helps us feel safe and grounded enough to explore this attraction.

Sexual attraction, deep spiritual ecstasy, and intimate union expand in relationships when there is a clear polarity between the energies of both people. If two people have a similar sexual polarity, eg. Both are more “masculine” then the attraction between them will be lessened.

Attraction unravels with the energetic charge from the sexual polarity of opposites. These masculine and feminine energetics are essential life energies to be expressed and experienced. Sexual polarity is the main energetic force that ignites the passionate flow of sexual attraction that arcs between the masculine and feminine poles in romantic partnership and creates safety and attunement.

Take electricity, the electrical charge of energy is conducted when the “masculine” plug is inserted into the “feminine” receptive outlet. Two masculine plugs can hang out but they don’t create intimate polarity and most of the time you would probably find them engaging in “masculine motivations”.

The love we have for family or things is different from the energy of attraction. Sexual polarity often diminishes in longer-term relationships because life becomes busy, roles become heavy and people do not know how to re-ignite the spark.

Of course, there are other reasons sexual polarity diminishes: closed hearts, low emotional intimacy, unresolved trauma and pain, and paralyzing fears. Two polarizing energies, a loving heart connection, and devoted intimacy are required to create the passionate energy of sexual polarity attraction in any romantic relationship.

One is glad to be of service.

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Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Suicide Is Never An Option

We call suicide selfish. Most men do not see it this way. Men isolate and are isolated for many reasons. People who genuinely feel loved and needed rarely commit suicide. Men are more likely to commit suicide returning from war, being unemployed, isolated in life, losing their life savings or if they become incapacitated. Man need love – from women, tribe/community, his children and himself.

Compliment Your Heart, Not Your Ego

The ego plays an important role in our development of self, our socialization and our connection to the ‘outside’ world.

However, when we consistently choose the ego over the expansive power of the heart we become unbalanced.

Ego protects us from a vantage point of fear, contraction and minimizing the true self. ‘It’ (being us and a part of us) still has a directive of self-preservation.

Are You Struggling?

Are you living a double life? Are you committed to owning your truth? We learn from both struggles/challenge/“failure” and success/wins and the positive.
We hold in what is painful or appears to be weak. I share as much of my life as I can to inspire others to share more of themselves to and for themselves so that we cease to polarize and pretend we are not struggling.
To normalize challenge and pain and not put a facade on of “all is perfect in my world”.

A Man’s Worth

I once thought that my worth as a man was derived from my title, status, what I accumulated and what I DID in the world. I honestly believed that the only way to feel worthy was defined by what I had, not who I am.

White Privilege

The concept of Whiteness suppresses and undermines what it means to be human. It places human value and opportunity on the uncontrolled factor of ethnicity, culture and most of all skin colour and racial heritage.


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