To Ravage and Ravish

See beyond man and woman for a moment.

You want to ravage and ravish the feminine in your life… Then be safety, be heart-centered presence, be consistent, be that container you are meant to be.

For the feminine to open herself up, to flower to you, to show herself fully the masculine must meet her where she is. The masculine must learn to lead that dance.

For the feminine to step fully in to softness and surrender the masculine must be vertical in action, postured, confident and hold depth in breath. Can you look deeply in the feminine, gaze with stable intensity and emote with prowess?

The feminine AND the masculine wants to be feel, the feminine wants to be felt and yearns to feel you. If the masculine is murky, clarity eludes us. Confusion breeds isolation, nervousness and mistrust. Are we both prepared to do the work in order to see each other?

We ask the masculine to BE presence… This means to choose to feel it all, the goodness, the shadow, the ugly, the all. Whatever arises in the now. This demonstrates true strength – to be with what arises in the MOMENT devoid of judgment and laden with layered meaning.

Just being with what comes, owning it and still being there. The feminine yearns for this kind of feeling presence – unwavering truth penetrating the essence of the unified feminine.

The feminine does not welcome fracture. She resides in wholeness. The masculine expression of wholeness is cosmic expansion. A realization that all may be welcomed in to one’s awareness without the need to interpret and judge. The feminine welcomes this with compassion.

As the masculine can you experience anger, joy, excitement, fear and more and still hold the container of stability for yourself, where you feel from heart resonance and you act from stillness in mind…?

It’s a dance of the polarity. Meet your pole in complimentary opposite and your interaction will spark divinity.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Acknowledge Your Pain

There is no shame in acknowledging our pain.

When man hides his grief with anger we all suffer. I was excessively angry for so long. Blaming others for my repeated “misfortunes”, snapping at those I loved and hating on everything that went “wrong” in my life.

Better OUT than IN

My beautiful grandmother would tell me to never hold farts in. In Italian, she would say often “Always out, never in.” I remember this distinctly, and then she would burp and I would laugh hysterically. She was the best! I then would run around farting and get excited to go to the toilet haha! I now often think about the real life implications of ‘out’.

The World I Have Come To Know

As I sit and watch, observe the world around me behave, watching my nephews eat and people stroll, walk and run past I can’t help but to feel the world around me…

Ever since I was a child I could really FEEL the world, people and their pain. I would feel their pain in order to not feel alone in the world. I also experienced so much of it myself that I wanted to help others with their pain.

The Truthful Gaze

It can be difficult to honor ourselves. Self-love and self-honoring haven’t been a priority for the collective. We have become more accustomed to obsessing as opposed to healthy honor and worship of others instead of ourselves.

What if we could use the act of HEALTHY worship of another to provide us with deep insight in to our own worth? What if the healthy, non-attached, compassionate, wise and cosmic worship of another allowed us to see our worthiness and value?

Step Into The Light

I spent most of my life living in the dark. Either pretending I had no shadow or only wanting to focus on my “good side”. And even now, when feeling extreme pressure or convenient I revert to that place. Whether it is a new year, decade, month or day. I am making a choice right here and right now. That choice is to stop polarizing and start embracing all of me, not just the convenient parts.

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