To Honour Is To Create Together

“When I truly honoured myself, I was able to honour women”…

In this life I have been blessed to transform many times over. There have been times where I have delved deep in to my own self solo and in isolation. There have been times when I have been deeply supported by other brothers. And there have been times where I have been guided by the divine presence of the feminine.

This muse is a tribute to the essence of the feminine, to all the women that have impacted me and that have been a muse for others, have inspired change, have lead with courage and have sustained so much in order to give their all to a world that needs them.

Specifically, as I (on behalf of myself and the masculine) honour all women today and always, this short passage is truly a tribute to my queen. Her feminine presence is a bright light in a world that needs her wisdom and her guidance. And this day gives me another excuse (not that I need it) to admire her just a little more.

The direct impact she has had on my journey has been profound. She truly encapsulates and represents all that is beautiful in this world.

Her willingness… to traverse the unknown and the mystery

Her openness…to see beyond the light and superficial

Her honesty…in who she is and what she needs

Her ability…to feel it all, so that she can choose to transcend the pain

Her yearning…to forgive the past, the present, the future.

Her wanting…to see the beauty and sacred power in masculine expression

Her need…to fight for what is right, just and needed in this world

Her expansiveness…in mind, thought, belief and ideology

Her encapsulation…of her beauty, body, mind, heart and spirit

Her ownership…of who she is, what she stands for and her potential

Her seeing…of me, the goodness in this world and all that presents

Her belief…in what’s possible, in my strength and in my soul

Her support…of me and importantly, of collective growth and expansion

Her release…of what no longer serves us, resentment, fear and collective past pains

Her capacity…to keep growing, collaborating, connecting and looking at what may hold her back

Her dance…between sacredness and pragmatism. Being of this world and yet beyond it.

Simply put, I am honoured to be a part of this divine representation of a woman that gives sincere hope to other women. That embraces her divinity and humanness and that is willing to grow with me. I was whole before I met you and know feel fuller as I radiate in your grace and presence.

Thank you for all that you are my love.

Honour women. Honour men. Honour Mother Earth. Honour your expression. Honour sentience. Thank you to the collective feminine and to the collective masculine for ‘doing’ and being your work.

One is always glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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