Through Thick and Thin

Take your relationship to new frontiers often. Travel, discover new ways to surprise each other, dress differently, speak differently, dance together, learn a language and NEVER GIVE UP on the new that can be created in your sacred union.

In a world of fast-paced, quick fixes and short term gratification, we are quick to throw away our relationships when they ‘get tough’. Yes, relationships have us by dates, however… Many expire too early! And we miss the chance to grow. And many can survive and thrive if we are willing to do the work and show up, especially if there is a foundation of trust, respect and connection.

We forget the importance of effort in relationship. We also dismiss the equal power of novelty and stability in our loving interactions. I spent so much time in the past focused on ‘looking good’ in the relationship that I forget to pay attention to creating substance in the relationship.

I ask you this… When was the last time you truly asked a deep question of your beloved? When was the last time you really felt the essence of their truth and needs? Sacred union requires a deep attentive practice of willingness.

To get the most from any experience we must feel fully who we are in the world. We must love ourselves to the extent that the want to experience that love with others. In order to flourish in union, we must be willing to shatter old paradigms of belief that no longer serve our newly forged path.

Are you willing to create a life of endless possibility? Can you embrace the challenges as you embrace the joy? Can you continue to show up even if your ego is pulling you away? Our wounding dictates so much of how we experience intimacy.

When we see and feel beyond our wounding and realize that our beloved is there to help us grow both consciously and unconsciously, we experience a level of connection and intimacy that is truly liberating and supportive. The challenge then is welcomed because we have committed to grow in togetherness.

Let your beloved know you are with them through thick and thin!

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Masculine Sexual Intelligence

There is a deep intelligence that exists around conscious sexuality, especially for men. We have been so deeply disconnected from meaningful and authentic sexual connection for too long and the reality is: we do not know what we do not know.

We think and believe sexuality should be a particular way based on the fallacy of rampant and mainstream pornography and polarised and unrealistic views of romance and sexuality that we are exposed to but the truth is we are deeply disconnected from relating consciously in our sexuality and own sexual expression.

Appreciation – Life – Connection – Death

We love, we live, we laugh, we cry, we feel the fullness of life. Life only passes us when we live in states where we do not appreciate what we have. Life passes us by so quickly, because rather than being present to the wonder of the moment, our mind is fast forwarding to a perceived to be more desirable place.

Man’s Greatest Pain

A personal story from a very visceral place…

To not live in our potential. To not be self-actualised. To not express our gifts in the world. To hold back the innate power to give, create and provide life support to our journey and to those who need it are some of our greatest pain.

Ravage The ‘Dark’

A message to all men…

Ravage, relish in and be fully present to all faces, sides and expressions of the feminine prowess and power. To be present to all that she is means you are willing to traverse the depths of being to truly know her and inturn, truly know yourself.

The One Thing That Creates Connection, Depth, and Intimacy

We learn at a young age to wear masks to protect ourselves and be part of the “in” or popular group. We seek validation, approval and acceptance of those we deify, love and respect (aka our parents, peers and society).
We can’t maintain this. We seek to be accepted in all the wrong ways. Masculine and feminine energies exist in all of us. They are simply contrasted energetic expressions of our thoughts, beliefs and reality.

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