Through Thick and Thin

Take your relationship to new frontiers often. Travel, discover new ways to surprise each other, dress differently, speak differently, dance together, learn a language and NEVER GIVE UP on the new that can be created in your sacred union.

In a world of fast-paced, quick fixes and short term gratification, we are quick to throw away our relationships when they ‘get tough’. Yes, relationships have us by dates, however… Many expire too early! And we miss the chance to grow. And many can survive and thrive if we are willing to do the work and show up, especially if there is a foundation of trust, respect and connection.

We forget the importance of effort in relationship. We also dismiss the equal power of novelty and stability in our loving interactions. I spent so much time in the past focused on ‘looking good’ in the relationship that I forget to pay attention to creating substance in the relationship.

I ask you this… When was the last time you truly asked a deep question of your beloved? When was the last time you really felt the essence of their truth and needs? Sacred union requires a deep attentive practice of willingness.

To get the most from any experience we must feel fully who we are in the world. We must love ourselves to the extent that the want to experience that love with others. In order to flourish in union, we must be willing to shatter old paradigms of belief that no longer serve our newly forged path.

Are you willing to create a life of endless possibility? Can you embrace the challenges as you embrace the joy? Can you continue to show up even if your ego is pulling you away? Our wounding dictates so much of how we experience intimacy.

When we see and feel beyond our wounding and realize that our beloved is there to help us grow both consciously and unconsciously, we experience a level of connection and intimacy that is truly liberating and supportive. The challenge then is welcomed because we have committed to grow in togetherness.

Let your beloved know you are with them through thick and thin!

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Doing The Inner Work

Firstly, this isn’t a gender thing. It’s a people thing. We are often really scared of change.
This is often a tough one in relationships. We want people to change with us, to do what we do, try what we try, feel what we feel and share similar interests.
At a primal level, it is our nervous system feeling safe in the presence of familiarity. Additionally, when we share similar paths, values and interests we are all part of the “in-group”. In social psychology, this is crucial to one’s feeling of being safe and surviving.

The Decisive Nature Of Man

Can you leap fully in to the life you choose and be all in?

Can you commit fully to what you value deeply?

Do you know what you value?

Have you the courage to posture your truth?

The Importance Of Emptiness

THE FEMININE thrives in being full. THE MASCULINE in emptiness. When the masculine feels threatened it pursues in excess the feeling of emptiness through controlling force. Shadow masculine energy is forcing the feminine to be empty – empty of nutrients in the ocean, clean drinking water wells, mountains stripped of their minerals and the feminine having her voice emptied and taken from her being… We are currently in an excessive collective shadow expression of masculinity.

Take Her To God

Remind her that SHE IS a Goddess. Take her to places she never has gone before. Welcome the full expression of her being to permeate the space in which she occupies. Your permission is the congruency and integrity of your presence. You don’t ask for permission, you are permission by your endearing actions and the wisdom that is you.

“Shit Or Get Off The Pot”

Rise in to certainty! The above phase basically means either commit and be all in or get out of the way and stop pretending. In relationship, this translates to three key things:


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