There Will Always Be Peanut Butter

At times we often gaze into the sky, into nothingness, to the stars, to the horizon, to apparent emptiness.

In these times of deep and sincere gazing, we question our place and path. We abstractly enquire into the nature of our existence, of our actions and our feelings.

What does it all mean? Why me? Why the pain? What are the lessons? Is life meant to be this challenging? These are some of the questions we may ask.

These questions and more penetrate our heart and soul. We query our capacity, we question our beliefs and models of reality, we doubt, fear and become apprehensive.

We belittle ourselves sometimes and we devalue our worth. We regret the choices we did not make and those we did. We cannot ‘understand’ nor connect to our power and we feel shame, guilt and pain.

This stops us from being vulnerable and open, engaged and connected to our truth. We become sad for the love we have lost and we become disheartened for the love we have not received.

We dwell on the past and we worry about the future. We struggle to remain present and agitation gets the better of us.

And then…We may breathe. We feel, we move into stillness, silence and solitude. We recalibrate our internal movement and overactive mind and under-feeling heart and we connect to the core of who we are.

We recognize that life is actually a blessing and not a burden. We begin to be attentive to the wonder in the world. We recover from the disharmony and we enter into the spark that is life.

And so the cycle begins once more. We have all been there – these cycles are transient, impermanent and an integral part of growth. But one thing remains true throughout the ebb and flow of life.

Peanut butter always tastes so f*****g good! It’s always dependable and it’s always there as the simplicities of life can once again grant us perspective to liberate us from our attachments and pain.

Peanut butter will always be there. Seriously, who the f**k does not love peanut butter??? You will always have a friend and support in peanut butter.

And if not peanut butter (for some unexplainable reason you are super strange and don’t love peanut butter) then there will always be something else (an experience, person, memory, great love, earthly pleasure) to warm your heart and strengthen your resolve.

You are intrinsically magnificent. Focus on that. Bring that into your heart. Own that. Pay attention to the value that brings in to your life and nurture that experience in your time of need. It will liberate you from limitation and constriction.

You’re welcome.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



To Deprive Ourselves Of Touch Is To Deprive The World Of Circulating Love

To deprive ourselves of intimate connection is to remain shrouded in the veil we wear to protect from an invisible force that separates us.

To lose touch with touch is to scream to consciousness that we are not worthy.

To isolate ourselves from the wonder of visceral contact with another is to isolate ourselves from our humanity.

Desire Is NOT Toxic – Another Spin On Wanting

Wanting and desire get a bad rep – let’s flip this notion…
We think if we desire for life we are unhealthy, selfish and disconnected. We are ‘bad’ people if we desire. It is not that we are desiring, it is HOW we desire that sets the tone for our movement and existence in this life.

Expressing Pain & Releasing Fear In Relationship

There is great value in expressing our pain, in releasing our fears, hurt and tension that resides within our hearts, minds and bodies. Learning to express, label and identify through verbalisation for example makes our feelings of sadness, frustration and anger less intense…

Close Your Eyes – Open Your Soul

Imagine moving close to the one that tantalises the sensation of alertness on your skin, but not too close.

Visualise your body making ever the slightest of contact on the body of your beloved for the first time, then immediately pulling away.

Feel your breath become more rapid with anticipation.

The Greatness Within

We are all intrinsically ‘good’. We are all born with ‘heart’. There is no conceivable way we are born to destroy. Destruction, death, ‘the perceived end’ is not a construct directed by us, but rather something organic that occurs as a natural extension of our existence. This enables us to be connected in a powerful way.

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