The Wounded Boy-Like Masculine

  • Fears the unknown 
  • Is reactive, not responsive 
  • Is erratic and extreme in his behavior 
  • Spoiled and disregarding 
  • Non-committal 
  • Careless not considerate 
  • Hyper-selfish and self-centered 
  • Attached to identity, ego & what others think of him 
  • Lives in and from the past 
  • Acts from fear – highly insecure 
  • Externalizes and projects blame, shame and guilt 
  • Highly judgmental 
  • Dominating, scrutinizing and demanding 
  • Either completely withholds or over-gives 

Right now our world needs structure, healthy transparency, a sense of healthy confidence and an ability to put away the ego and come together in greater harmony and compassion.

The wounded aspects of self are rising to the surface in a rapid way for both the feminine and masculine wounding. This means that we will feel more pressure, more pain and more uncertainty.

It is here, we must pause quietly, reflect with compassion and ask… “Who do we truly want to be right here and right now”? We have an opportunity to break old patterns that have limited and restricted us.

Perhaps not with transitioning through pain and suffering and for some more than others. We get to do the inner work, transcend limiting and harmful patterns and stop playing the victim. Let me be clear being “boy-like” is necessary for men particularly.

However, when we are stuck in a cycle of immaturity stemming from fear and panic or Peter Pan style tendencies (being non-committal and unreliable) we are not in healthy “child-like” expressions but rather childish and immature expressions stemming from a fear of leading, being seen or growing into the next versions of ourselves.

We need a child-like attitude and approach to life and in fact now healthy lightness, humor, fun and play are needed more than ever. We just get to ask ourselves where that comes from and how we want to show up to life and our relationships… We want to be seen, love, be loved, appreciate, respect and hold each other. We can only do that when we transcend old patterns of wounding, pain and/or suppressed trauma. What are you ready to release, now is the time.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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