The Unrivaled Essence Of Man

What we often forget amongst rhetoric and discourse that is harmful towards the positive attributes of man is that we are in a time and space of immense transformation.

We have entered a period of relating where man and woman are uniting under the banner of sentience. Under the perspective of connectedness, wholeness and unification.

Our focus is switching towards equity, inclusivity, mutual honoring and mutual reverence. Slandering the ‘nature’ of man will not assist us in bonding and unifying.

Discounting the value man brings to this world will only distance is further from our ability to consciously relate and connect at higher and more evolved levels.

When we recognize the gifts we all bring to this reality, this reality begins to take shape as one that has prioritized expansion of wisdom, knowledge and connection as opposed to one of suffering and contraction.

The past has not always been kind, we as men (as a greater collective) have not always been kind. However, we are awakening and there are a multitude of men who have led the way through sovereign and authentic leadership.

Leadership that has rested its laurels on virtues such as dignity, fairness, compassion, strength, fortitude, care, equity and reverence (to mention a few).

Let us focus on what has worked for men and their valuable contribution. Yes, let’s acknowledge the past and let’s learn and grow rapidly from it.

Let us not bow our heads in perpetual unhealthy shame but let us bathe in congruent apology and co-create forwardly together.

When our focus is on what’s possible whilst simultaneously being attentive to our growth points a new more cohesive (sustainable) reality is forged.

Let us forge this together… What say you???

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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