The Sacred Scent – A Tribute To Her

The fragrance of your beloved… You recognize her as she enters your space. Your eyes shut, yet your senses so open. So receptive to her scent. You can feel her approaching, feel her movement. However, you can only be receptive if you are open in heart, humble in gesture and connected in spirit.

She feels your presence, she feels your organism attuned to what awaits. Your heart in awe, your spirit in rapture, your body in a state of willingness, your mind in a state of openness.

That scent, her skin tingling, her softness radiating. Your eyes closed, your body on fire. Your mind fluid, awaiting, open, anticipating touch, prompting passion. You hold, you pause, you breathe. With each breath you are drawn deeper in to the allure of this fragrance.

A fragrance only you can identify, only you can recognize. A scent that transcends the physical senses, a scent that engulfs the cosmos yet only encapsulates a directed love so pure and potent it can only be understood by the ‘familiar lover’.

Where to from here? Is there a retracting from this fragrance that has permeated every strand and fiber of your consciousness? Can you live without this scent…? At the foothills of your sensory capacity to know your existence – this primal scent giving you meaning, layering substance to your existence, to your breath.

Your eyes still closed, yet your awareness more open than ever. This unique scent – all too familiar, all to present within your ‘soulscape’ of your humanity. A scent to elevate beyond human form in to the realm of the divine. A fragrance for the Gods, as it makes contact with your olfactory membranes.

Immediate and instant memories of your divinity, your ultimate and true self… Prompted by the enchantment and the power of her scent and her intention. A scent only from HER to YOU. A soul recognition and all through the transformative magic of her scent.

Your openness, your willingness to receive, to destroy archaic erected walls of disillusion, normative rigidity and old oppressive paradigms of attached and ego based control. To surrender to her presence, her wonder and her scent is your being called forth to GOD, to creation itself – to TRUST completely and surrender.

Her virtue calls the best of you, the worst of you… To be transmuted in the flame of eternal truth, for you to be left bowing raw and ‘full of emptiness’ and it is here… There is only one element of existence that matters, that bonds and that unifies… The resonating sound of oneness exemplified through the fragrant tincture that is GOD in human expression – the divinity of the feminine. From her to you.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



To Honour Is To Create Together

“When I truly honoured myself, I was able to honour women”…

In this life I have been blessed to transform many times over. There have been times where I have delved deep in to my own self solo and in isolation. There have been times when I have been deeply supported by other brothers. And there have been times where I have been guided by the divine presence of the feminine.

The Authentic Art Of Courting

When courting or in the pursuit of intimate relationship we place the grandest version of ourselves forward. We present what we perceive to be the what the ‘other’ desires, needs or wants…

An Open Apology To The Feminine – PART I

And so we are here… We have finally arrived at a place that will either determine our inward evolution or completely break who we are and who we have the capacity to be. Will we choose sacredness in union or will we choose further division?

Gender Reverence

When we choose to see, feel and interact beyond the normative lens of segregation we grow. This does not mean we do not value difference – biological, social, cultural, behavioural, relational, neurological, hormonal, etc. It means though, that we do not discriminate, bias towards or subjugate on prima-facie value based on obvious or subtle physical or ideological differences.

Ravage The ‘Dark’

A message to all men…

Ravage, relish in and be fully present to all faces, sides and expressions of the feminine prowess and power. To be present to all that she is means you are willing to traverse the depths of being to truly know her and inturn, truly know yourself.


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