The Magnetic Holding

There is a calmness that comes from knowing you are held. When a woman knows she is held and seen for who she truly is there is placidity that unravels within the chasms of her heart space.  

There is a peacefulness that comes from being known for who you truly are. A peace that tells our bodies we no longer need to pretend. We no longer need to exert so much energy towards the masks of excess protection.

There is a quietness that uncoils itself. A permeating resonance that amplifies in to the cosmic field of possibility. The trap of false pretense that perpetuates further disconnection from congruent and authentic posturing dismantled itself.

When a woman is understood in the fullness of her expression, not judged, but revered for her vulnerable openness, she explodes in to the world as a beacon of hope and freedom.

A bright star for freedom why? Because she inspires us to be present. We are magnetized to her pulsating truth. As men, we become magnetic in our posture of presence.

Women magnetize the world through their elegance; their softness and their expression of truth. Men surge, women pulsate gently. When we witness this in an unfiltered and unadulterated way our hearts and spirit is moved.

The unchanging self within feels the expressive chime of a woman’s authentic and open vibration. When the being is devoid of fear, expression becomes congruent, fluid and authentic.

As a woman feels our heart opening, the cosmos emanates through her gaze. As we catch this gaze (not diluted) but rather, enhanced through source we expand in to the vastness that is our truth.

This is the symbiotic and reciprocal dance between authentic relating and loving openness.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



The Truthful Gaze

It can be difficult to honor ourselves. Self-love and self-honoring haven’t been a priority for the collective. We have become more accustomed to obsessing as opposed to healthy honor and worship of others instead of ourselves.

What if we could use the act of HEALTHY worship of another to provide us with deep insight in to our own worth? What if the healthy, non-attached, compassionate, wise and cosmic worship of another allowed us to see our worthiness and value?

The Remarkable Nature Of The Modern Queen

Of late I have been contemplating deeply the beautiful women I am surrounded by and that are entering my sphere of awareness. The vast women carrying so much depth, wisdom, reverence for men and clarified maturity who are entering my perception is humbling….

Seeing The Shadow In Another Is Holding The Shadow In Ourselves

When we see the shadow in another and we embrace this shadow, appreciate this shadow, revere this shadow and embrace this shadow we cease to stumble, we cease to polarise and we cease to ‘lose’ in life…

Shadow Alert

I have a confession. It’s very real for me and has been for some time. This morning I realized the potency of my being and my behaviour…
For many years, intensified violence and aggression were my go-to. I carried internal rage and suppressed trauma that often (not always) expressed itself in physical violence, drunkenness and self-loathing.

The Vulnerable Man

For too long, have we as a society demeaned the power of open heart based – vulnerable and feeling based and communication. Whilst we all feel, so many of us have denied the full expression of inwardly defined expression…

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