The Importance Of Emptiness

THE FEMININE thrives in being full. THE MASCULINE in emptiness. When the masculine feels threatened it pursues in excess the feeling of emptiness through controlling force. Shadow masculine energy is forcing the feminine to be empty – empty of nutrients in the ocean, clean drinking water wells, mountains stripped of their minerals and the feminine having her voice emptied and taken from her being… We are currently in an excessive collective shadow expression of masculinity.

Emptiness is necessary. Think about a time when you feel overwhelmed with life, too busy with doing and accomplishing tasks, such ensuring the family is safe or taken care of or a big project at work, or chasing that raise or promotion at work. You are tired and need a reprieve.

Less stimulus and more space. This is your yearning to be in that moment in emptiness and space, less clutter and more openness. This is you in your masculine energetic. Similarly, if you have been isolated, alone, and hyper-focused on a task for too long.

If you haven’t felt grounded because you have been holidaying for too long or travelling for work and you haven’t spent time with your friends, you are craving to feel full, to be full with others, connection and emotive stimulus. You are craving and seeking the feminine energetic of fullness.

Neither of these is better than another. We need them both in our lives. When the masculine energetic feels threatened his shadow behaviour is to control, rage, coerce and force. When the feminine energetic is threatened, in her shadow she is manipulative, deceptive and cunning.

Our society has largely been in the energy of “doing” (masculine energy) and now that we have slowed down for various reasons it is feeling threatened because it is out of its familiar pattern. So, we are trying to force the old familiar way. This pushes the feminine away even more and forces her to also be in her shadow to cope and survive.

A new way is needed if we are to relinquish the old and heal, move into deeper wholeness and feel and be present to each other’s new needs. Like little children, when we feel threatened when our way of life is disrupted abruptly we act in a reactive way. Pushing those we love away in order to sustain or revive a way of life we believe to be superior.

Change is upon us and it begins within…Sending you all love.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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In my relationship, friendship has been the cornerstone of our persistence, willingness and desire to come back to loving each other from a new and whole place, not past patterns and conditioning.
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