What Is Your Sexual Character?

What is your sexual character?

Do you deny yourself of love? Do you deem yourself worthy of affection?

Are you chasing others in order to elevate your worth? Are you pursuing the elusive and stuck in fantasy?

Do you trust your heart? Can you trust others?

Are you internally calibrated or do you seek approval and love from an outside source?

Do you hide in sexual shame? Do you project in twisted ways?

Can you accept compliments or do you deflect? Do you yearn for the touch of another?

Do you crave domination or submission but riddled with fear of rejection, humiliation, or “worse”?

Do you grant yourself permission to be seen or do you hide in the shadows of polarized approval?

Are you an image of your parents or is the voice of another what reflects loudly into the world when all you want is your own value to be witnessed?

Do you regret it? Do you fear the unknown? Do you take risks with love or do you run from passion?

Do you dream your sexual fantasies into reality or are you plagued with inhibitions?

Do you ravage wildly? Can you allow yourself to be ravished?

Do you OWN your sex or do you give it away?

Have you taken on the limitations of others?

Are you exhilarated with breath or is it painful to smile?

Do you pursue tenaciously with care or do you fear attainment, embodiment, and purpose?

Do you favor conscious sexual growth or are you attached to unconscious sexual hiding?

Does the mirror reflect eternal value or limitation and self-loathing? Are you defined by your past or do you prevail through your present?

Do you open your heart to open your sex or are you afraid of being witnessed?

Do you revere the other through yourself? Do you feel the cosmic pulse of another?

Do you feel your essence or are you defined by another?

Can you embrace the mystery or are you confined by fear? Do you allow yourself to become sexually aroused or do you conceal in shame?

Sexual character is formed during our developmental years – the beliefs we took on, what we made our traumas mean, how we were treated, and more.

Do not deny yourself of deepened intimacy and connection because you were once told you’re not enough. You are. Break free. The world needs you

One is glad to be of service.

Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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