Remembering Your Kingdom

Great men have traditionally been defined by their decisiveness. Their willingness for going beyond the norm. Their ability to present to challenge and meet it with all that they are. They are remembered by their ability to go beyond the basic, the minimum and the necessary.

They are known for exploring the unknown. For venturing in to the mystery and for not accepting mediocrity. Great men are remembered for their daring vision. Their focused dedication, decisiveness and discernment.

Memorable men are known for creating and building new worlds that create substantial beauty, safety and openness in the world for their tribe/s. Great men are known for being committed stewards to a set of ideals and values that they honor profoundly and with clarity.

Honor is the pinnacle of great men. To adhere to guiding principles that lead themselves and others to glory. Great men are not interested in simplistic practicality, they are obsessed with evolving greatness. Great men have broken the bondage of imposed slavery and limitation.

Memorable men hold a vision for themselves and then act IN and ON that vision that defines every aspect of their spirit. Great men have reached beyond the limitations of subservience to a mass cultural norm that is misaligned.

Great men are daring and willing to be present to any danger if it threatens the integrity of their inner and outer sanctum. Great men know themselves. They are not afraid by the journey of self-realization. The memorable man knows his intrinsic needs.

The man remembered is the man who is not afraid to fight for his truth. To stand in his truth and to be present to what is his – his mind, his principles, his heart, his body, his soul. The remembered man – true to his word does not neglect what is his.

He knows with every fibrous aspect of self that he commences first by honoring his immediate community, then he can focus on expansion beyond his tribe. The remembered man understands that he is not immune to mortality, yet still pursues with vigor his quest for honor.

The remembered man is not tethered by failure, nor has he ever been. He is stoic in his posture and has always understood ‘failure’ is a footpath to growth. The remembered man remembers his power is always in his hands. This is what essentially makes him memorable and unforgettable.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



The Essence Of A King

A reflective piece on man living in his potential…

The King is all knowing. A true king does not confine his mind to incessant and distracting chatter that deters him from wisdom. A true king knows his worth and acts in accordance with this intricate knowing…

You Have A Throne

Your throne awaits you.

Own your throne.

Cherish your throne.

Be your fucking throne.

Own All Of You

I have not always been confident in who I am, in my body, mind and heart. I have doubted, felt deeply intense fear and lost my self in negative and harmful actions towards myself and others. I have not been connected to my body and have carried shame in this area, alongside my thoughts and emotions.

Be In Existential Curiosity

You are not in an existential crisis, you are in existential curiosity. Be aware of the distinction and transcendence that awaits…

Being Seen Clearly

When we simply bask in the authentic radiant expression of another and sit still in allowance and free of judgment – the magic of synchronistic unified expression is unleashed.

With the stillness of this action comes great power – for the observing, the observer and the observed. As men, when we observe without wanting to change or bend we are allowing the feminine to be seen safely. She feels unhindered and therefore may show up fully.


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