Remembering Your Kingdom

Great men have traditionally been defined by their decisiveness. Their willingness for going beyond the norm. Their ability to present to challenge and meet it with all that they are. They are remembered by their ability to go beyond the basic, the minimum and the necessary.

They are known for exploring the unknown. For venturing in to the mystery and for not accepting mediocrity. Great men are remembered for their daring vision. Their focused dedication, decisiveness and discernment.

Memorable men are known for creating and building new worlds that create substantial beauty, safety and openness in the world for their tribe/s. Great men are known for being committed stewards to a set of ideals and values that they honor profoundly and with clarity.

Honor is the pinnacle of great men. To adhere to guiding principles that lead themselves and others to glory. Great men are not interested in simplistic practicality, they are obsessed with evolving greatness. Great men have broken the bondage of imposed slavery and limitation.

Memorable men hold a vision for themselves and then act IN and ON that vision that defines every aspect of their spirit. Great men have reached beyond the limitations of subservience to a mass cultural norm that is misaligned.

Great men are daring and willing to be present to any danger if it threatens the integrity of their inner and outer sanctum. Great men know themselves. They are not afraid by the journey of self-realization. The memorable man knows his intrinsic needs.

The man remembered is the man who is not afraid to fight for his truth. To stand in his truth and to be present to what is his – his mind, his principles, his heart, his body, his soul. The remembered man – true to his word does not neglect what is his.

He knows with every fibrous aspect of self that he commences first by honoring his immediate community, then he can focus on expansion beyond his tribe. The remembered man understands that he is not immune to mortality, yet still pursues with vigor his quest for honor.

The remembered man is not tethered by failure, nor has he ever been. He is stoic in his posture and has always understood ‘failure’ is a footpath to growth. The remembered man remembers his power is always in his hands. This is what essentially makes him memorable and unforgettable.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Healthy Intimacy Vs. Unhealthy Intimacy

We all yearn for connection, touch, understanding and a wanting to be seen. We often create barriers to this level of trusted connection due to certain traumatic or painful experiences we have had and the beliefs we have then formed around these experiences.

From Friends To Lovers

In my relationship, friendship has been the cornerstone of our persistence, willingness and desire to come back to loving each other from a new and whole place, not past patterns and conditioning.
Do not take your friendships for granted… In the realm of intimate relationships, friendship Lays the foundation for love to flourish. Relationships are more than just a hormonal rush, explosive sex and unicorns and rainbows. YES, they are all these things and more.

How can we truly be happy with who we are? How can we truly be happy without guilt? The insight in to this is quite simple…

The Change Of Man

Men have been in flux for a great deal of time – transmuting, reviving, redefining and realising their role, place and understanding of self. For those men especially that are not graced by (or have produced) affluence and have access to resources these are trying times on their masculinity and their perception of self…

Transcending Into The Ethereal in Sacred Union

Intimate sexual union is more about harmonizing the energetic poles between two beings than it is about reaching a particular “state”. The greatest “mistake” we make though is thinking that harmonization is a dulling down of our polarities or expression in order to be in some type of mundane state or balance… Quite the contrary.

Trauma Recovery In Relationship

It can be tough. It often brings out the “worst” in us. We slip into patterns of unworthiness, self-blame, self-pity or even projected aggressiveness. Is it really the worst in us that is coming out or just old coping strategies that we are still using to deal with something that is extremely uncomfortable?

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