Paying Homage To Women

Time To Awaken

A message to men so that we may awaken, evolve, expand, release and truly be the authentic power we have always been.

A message to woman to embody their magic, forgive openly and unfold in to their authentic power in order to bring back collective and internalised homeostasis, cosmic union and rapid evolution to our species.


We Are Sorry

On behalf of the collective, we are deeply and profoundly sorry… And we do not mean to burden you with the task of ‘saving this world’. Firstly, we do not need ‘saving’, we need collaboration and deep connection and we all play a vital role in this transmutation of our collective consciousness. However, the focus here is on the magnificence and power of you as women.



We must grow together… In order to truly be present for love, care sincerely and devote the best of what we are to another we must first embody this for ourselves.

Forget about the details of polarity and feminine / masculine dichotomy just for a moment and what if we as a species decided to simply focus on revering, respecting, trusting and being ever faithful to the innate, intrinsically valuable and immensely authentic power of the women of this world. Imagine what the world may ‘look like’?

Imagine what world we would live in if every woman on this earth was treated in such a way that was deeply equitable, connected, meaningful, not disregarded, not harmed, not ridiculed, not minimalised, not disrespected, not prosecuted, not discriminated against, not oppressed and not NOT loved for the magnificence she truly is.


The Unchartered Explorative Gift Of The Feminine

The all feeling, all seeing woman has great power. It is now time to unleash that repressed gift… For millennia upon millennia the beauty, intelligence, gifts and valuable qualities of the women of this world have been oppressed dramatically. This has occurred for a multitude of reasons and has continued to compound through distorted and unhealthy, systemically collective and individual expressions that have perpetuated hate and a perception towards women that is considered sub-standard. This clear and evident across so many societies.

The ideologies, behaviors and essence around this is deeply wrong. It is so far removed from ‘reality’ that this oppressive, abhorrent and abrasive behavior has polarized us as a collective and distorted or view of how to function in reality whilst continuing to ‘devolve’ all of us.

Hate begets hate, fear begets fear. We fear what we do not understand and we fear great power. Men fear the power of women. The truth is though the power the beautiful feminine and females hold of this world is a power that has tremendous capacity to liberate our collective pains. Through connection and the embracing, intuitive nature of women we have an opportunity to move beyond our current state of constriction, fear, retraction, violence, reactiveness and fragmented disconnection.


The Shift From Polarisation

Because we have polarized ourselves so severely by disrespecting and disregarding such a vital element of our natural existence and stunting it’s expression in every conceivable manner (from removing their autonomy, devaluing their existence, underplaying their contribution, perpetuating false perceptions of weakness to suppressing their wisdom, distorting their gifts and all else in between) we have all moved in to unhealthy, extreme and distorted states of expression (both men and women).

This now collective ideology and understandIng of how life ‘should’ be has permeated our sociocultural norms and disconnected us from our authentic essence and truth.

We require the radiance of women to flourish and shine now more than ever and in whichever way they require that to occur on their terms as we must all trust the guidance that must transpire here in whichever way it must.


We Mean Not To Burden You

Not to place the burden of evolution, growth, connection and expansion on women solely (in fact it is the task of the entire human family and planet to immerse in to this new unchartered terrain and territory) but we must trust as a collective that this is the direction we must take.

This by no means discounts the immense value of men. It however does symbiotically take us to a deeper place of gnosis where we choose to consciously recognize the innate necessity for women to flourish. In a world where disharmony expresses itself rampantly we must embody a more profound and inclusive way of being.

That way of being is men releasing the ego, trusting openly, dropping in to their hearts and women forgiving, giving themselves permission to flourish, express fully and just be ever-expansively magnificent.


The Journey Ahead

I am not naive, this is a journey and a challenging one at that. There has been a compounded effect that has caused deep damage both within the soul and heart-scapes of so many of us whilst setting up deeply rooted and rigid social structures that have left us segregated and profoundly unconscious in our discriminative and separatist ways (and this is not just limited to males and females but to anyone or anything that is ‘different’ to the mainstream).

However, we must commence and we must commence somewhere and NOW. When we delve deeply in to the unknown we realise and connect to our infinite capacity as cosmic potentiality expressing itself through the dynamic, ever-present and multi-layered intelligence that is the human sphere.

Can we come together to be as one? I believe so, I also believe we have great capacity to give, to be and to experience and express fully.


Our Connected Roles

Men, we must cease the segregation, forgive ourselves, release the stronghold of fear and be unified with all that exists in our reality. Women, you must please forgive men and let go of any potential resentment held deep within. If we continue to play ‘egoic tag’ we continue to lose ourselves in an ever ending spiral of harm and disconnection. If we are not evolving we are devolving. Time and space to create a new world… Are we ready?


One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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