Don’t Leave Out Mystery in Relationship

Men, don’t give up the power of mystery in dating and intimacy. Know that there is a vast difference between hiding, lying and manipulation, and genuine intrigue. 

In attraction dynamics knowing too much can kill polarity and weaken magnetism. Allow your partner to be curious. Have them guessing but in healthy ways. Don’t have them feeling uncertain through inconsistent behavior, volatility, and unsafe unpredictability. Elude who you are but don’t give yourself away. Be open-hearted, don’t play games, yet allow yourself to SLOWLY be revealed. In this process, you also get to know the layers that are you…

Be mysterious, yet be real. Be playful and present but not always available. Value your energy and value your partner’s. See her fully and own your own needs at the same time. Some often read this and it feels unattainable, contradictory, or striving for too much “perfection”.

No one said it would be easy. Relationships are not “hard”, but they are complex (layered) and multifaceted. They require effort and if you are hoping for a relationship that is “smooth sailing” without challenge, you are ignorantly hopeful and polarized in views.

I was like that and would run at the first sight of difficulty. Yes, there are some relationships that are not meant to be, don’t align, and don’t suit each other. What is being really spoken to here is effort without playing all your cards. You may not like the card game reference AND at some level, life is a game.

When you show all you got you to become predictable and guess what… Predictability is boring, the spark diminishes, the fire out the attraction lost. AND… You must balance that with being familiar and safe so that you are approachable and open.

Not easy, I know. Most things that matter come with effort and challenge. Both masculine energetics that if you choose to master you will thrive in. Honor yourself by valuing who you are and don’t give yourself away so easily. Not because you fear intimacy, but because you trust the organic unfolding of love.

One is glad to be of service.

Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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You must know yourself, your worth, and what you offer. Get clear on your power and value. Live in your vision. Be in your purpose and choose to live that on a day to day basis. Don’t rely on another to “complete” you. You are whole, do your inner work so that you become very clear on that. You don’t “need” others to make you feel better. This energetic comes across as desperate and needy. Lead with an open and pure heart. Don’t be afraid of your honesty, what your needs are, and what you can offer. Present that with prowess.

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The Unhealthy Fearful Feminine

ourage has been forged from blooms of fear and action. Fear can breed depth of being if we allow it. When we are scared, we either retract and wither or we expand and go in to the mystery of the night and explore the unknown territories of the cosmos with glee and prowess.

FEAR IS NATURAL – FEARS ARE NOT “BAD”! These fears related to the feminine DO NOT only exist in women, they exist in men also! Masculine / feminine energies exist in all people!


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