Men, RISE Beside Our Women

We speak to gender, but is it really about gender? Is it really men vs. women? At what point will assume responsibility for the past and begin to step in to our potentiality and power? We have a choice… Awaken, or continue to slumber in ignorance.

In this moment, we have an opportunity to rise to the occasion of generational change. No longer must we be limited by the shackles of the past. We can now open our hearts, be ‘selfishly selfless’ and embrace the new paradigm of relating.

Why must we ‘oppose’ those who gives us life? Why must we make women our foe? Women are our allies. Women are our opportunity to step in to our greatness? Who wishes to remain unconscious, asleep and in deprivation?

This fear around power, around loss, its bullsh*t! Its actually the epitome of weakness, not vertical vulnerability, but the isolation and division we are continuing to perpetuate because of our attachments to fear, the past and pain.

It is time we stand up and rise BESIDE women. We are imprisoned and restricted when we place rigid expectations on how to lead. Our most powerful and agile leadership will stem from deep self-reflection and the acknowledgement of equity in power.

The days of manipulation, autocratic leadership, subjugating behavior, oppressive sexual action and hostility have passed. We are being a tremendous disservice to our own evolution and the expansion of humanity. A purely selfish and fear-based mentality will not serve us.

To commit atrocities such as rape, economic and political discrimination and divisive action is no longer a viable solution to our humanity. Let us leverage our physical prowess, foresight, power and presence for inclusive, sustainable and connected action.

When we stand in dignity and in humbled assertiveness we play out the benevolence that truly is. Now, there still may be conflict (inner and outer) as we navigate this new way of relating. We cannot begin to forgive without first feeling and this may throw us in to the tumultuous fire of divisiveness.

Here, as men we have a responsibility to hold fast and remain true to our power, strength and ability to navigate this turbulent and new terrain. To submit blindly is a disservice to our coming together. To fight side by side in order to illuminate our truth is what is needed.

Not as two polarized genders, rather as soul fighters of an order highlighted and united by love, connectedness and wisdom (devoid of ignorance) ready to lead human endeavor and potential into the light of compassion.

One is always glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



What Is Masculinity?

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You Have A Throne

Your throne awaits you.

Own your throne.

Cherish your throne.

Be your fucking throne.

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