Masculine Masks

Let’s explore wearing masculine masks 🎭 We generally will wear energetic masks contrary to our core essence when we feel threatened, unsafe or not fitting in. This may come from a place of being told that “we live in a man’s world”, and that is prioritized or the antithesis; that “men are useless”, so perhaps a woman steps into deeper masculine energy that isn’t really authentic to her in order to get things done. As a result, also losing trust in the masculine and often men.

Then there are men who layer masculine masks over their expression also from fear of being judged. These masks tend to be excessively violent, controlling to an extreme and exclusive beyond social standards. These men live in fear and this fear drives hyper-criticism and abusiveness. They attack first in order to defend and over protect the fragility of their sense of self. They constantly feel threatened and are non-expressive and therefore lack any form of release.

This was me for so long. I was “imbalanced”. I was shit down as a child and during my teens began to lash out that repressed rage. However, it had no understanding. You see, knowledge helps us shift our unhealthy ways. I lacked knowledge and got caught up in a habit of projecting my rage outwardly into the world. I lived in regret and I lived in perpetual distance from myself and others.

Never feeling safe enough to really allow others in, I hurt others before they could hurt me. I was living in a state of “what’s in it for me”, because I felt so depleted by it couldn’t own that because that wasn’t a “manly or masculine” thing to admit. I suffered at extremes, unresolved and unconscious pain.

I made the unconscious conscious, understood my needs, made massive shifts and humbled into transformation and multiple egoic deaths. Too much of any energetic doesn’t serve us as individuals, our relationships or society. We become too extreme and skewed in our expressive. The society promotes masculine values/energy often over feminine values. This hurts us all. Truth is we can’t know one without the other.

Mastering this enabled me to love fully and love openly, without fear.

Sometimes our past fears and pains impact our present relationships and keep us stuck in old patterns of survival. Take the Love Block assessment to break free of these patterns and let’s live and love from a place of greater connection!

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One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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