Man’s Greatest Pain

A personal story from a very visceral place…

To not live in our potential. To not be self-actualised. To not express our gifts in the world. To hold back the innate power to give, create and provide life support to our journey and to those who need it are some of our greatest pain.

To be on our bed of death and realise that we are riddled with regrets. Not expressing our truth, not knowing ourselves our what we are capable of as we have chosen the path most travelled. We have chosen the mundane and the safe.

We must know that when one of us chooses to play small, it affects us all. We have lost sense of the true meaning of tribe, for we are saturated and over stimulated with hyper-connection, virtual ‘friends’ and a busyness that consumes our souls – our brains cannot keep check. The truth is we are still all deeply connected at the subtlest of levels, it’s just not fully embraced.

To awake day after day and be caught in a cycle of repression, tension and fear is not living. To awake at the age of 90 and think to oneself “I wish I…” This is devastating to the soul of man. When man is purposeLESS, he wanders the earth beaten. His soul fractured and his heart wrenched…

When man feels complete, he feels empowered. The core essence of man is expansion through purpose. His ability to know himself means he may find himself through the cultural clutter that is life. When man is purposeFULL he gives to the world from his overflowing cup of vitality.

He feels not the need to take, repress, subjugate or act from intense fear. Man knows his place is to serve the greater good. When man KNOWS he is on and in authentic and equitable purpose, he flourishes beyond measure. When man embraces his potential as his own and then acts on it, he liberates himself and unleashes his sense of freedom in to the world.

He ceases to take violently and his heart opens like never before. He is able to SEE with clarity and he offers wisdom from a place of humility. He offers wisdom, for he is wisdom himself. When man feels less than he knows he can be, he suffers silently and all of those around him feel this pain.

Man is more than his purpose, man is his presence and his heart. Man has potential and we all know that unexpressed potential is simply an idea in the cosmic ether. When man materialises his worth in the form of consistent action, he is screaming loudly to the universe… I AM WORTHY. Yes, brother, yes you are.

Now go forth and give yourself to that which you love and cherish and show the feminine that your masculine is whole and it always has been.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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