Man – Starter Of Worlds

Man as an intellectual and spiritual beast is the sovereign creator of his reality. A man pursuing strength over weakness is aware of his ability to create and mold the world he lives in.

Meaning, the affirming of oneself and our own worth is an inside job. This notion of intimate and sovereign self-reliance is the back bone of the contemporary man. The new man must also acquaint himself with a trusted brethren.

A brotherhood that can feed back to him parts of his identity. To challenge him and show him a greater way. From here, man takes this primary peer collective wisdom and transmutes it in to something unique. In to something that is his.

The man who pieces his destiny together by the deliberate choices he makes in the now, must believe deeply in his conviction. Man as a creator believes he is a creator, believes he is greatness manifest in physical form and sees himself as a catalyst for contribution and clarity to a world that is thirsty for integrity.

However belief is simply a spark… The creator of worlds is one that is driven by the dynamic nature of activated and ACTION oriented self-love. He is grateful to be alive, breathing, giving, witnessing and feeling his way through the world. He demonstrates his belief through the fortification of committal, aligned action.

This action is grounded in self validation. The creative man does not wait for others to give him permission to be and do in the world. It is this profound reverence for self that allows this creator to also be present for others that matter to him – his inner circle.

There is a deep faith that transpires once this complete man steps in to the fullness of his appreciative power. Thus faith propels him in to life with momentum and grace. He seizes each moment and exudes strength and power at every turn of life.

He is respected and yet the elusive nature of his being begs curiosity from all. This makes him magnetic. Remember, the magnetic creator has no map. He is sovereign and free in his mind and heart to create what he wishes and how he wishes.

He assumes responsibility for his movement in the world and realizes only he can open the chasm of fallacy by penetrating the void with the creative prowess of his presence.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Defining Authenticity In The Face Of Fear

A dialogue of rediscovery; Of pain and fear; Of immense confrontation; Of a complete reassessment of self; Of a reconfiguration of the entirety of my being; Of the mute darkness of the unknown; Of the mystery that is the endless micro chasm…

The Place Beyond Knowing

There is a place – a space that occupies the sub structures of our minds that resides beyond the conscious self.

This place is what we do not know, what we are not aware of and what is not familiar.

It is here in this place where there is so much that we know, yet are unaware of. Here, there is a story being constructed that we are architecting, it has no idea.

Why Unconditional Love Does Not Exist

“Unconditional love can only exist once we have moved through the motions of conditional love. Then and only then may we reach a heightened and enlightened state of being that liberates us from dualistic conditions”…

Humility in Life

There is an opportunity that takes place every so often & rarely in a man’s life is this opportunity presented because we are too stubborn to embrace this gift. That opportunity is to be humbled by the continuity of life.

The only way to embrace this level of humility is to be open to transparent, evolving transformation, change of self, behaviour, beliefs, actions & expressions.

My Unhealthy Shadow Relationship To Food

Men experience food addictions and body issues too. I used food as a means to escape. To leave my reality. It made me feel good. I felt connected, alive and SAFE with food. Food, like the movies, would momentarily take me away from a place that was violent, volatile and what felt to be unsafe.

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