Initiate, Connect, Feel

Initiate, connect, feel and penetrate each other’s sensuality like you mean it…

Too many of us hide behind our wounding. We are not present and we are running on a program of what we think others or society want us to be and do. The truth is, when we behave like this we are non-committal, distant and we perceive ourselves to be fractured.

This non-committal energy permeates the substructures of our relationship dynamics and dissipates true intimacy, vulnerability and connection. When was the last time you just were and your intentions were your own…?

Not superficial, not masked with fear of being fully seen but rather you were all in for that moment? Your connection wasn’t just fire and intensity, it was also grounded and calm. That feeling of… HOME

When were you there last? Have you ever been there? Feel it, embody it. Allow the posture of complete and whole encompassing presence to run through all that you are… This form of presence that underpins true intimacy, connection and bonding is the epitome of liberation.

To penetrate each other with your hearts, your souls, your eyes, your bodies, this is power. This authentic unravelling of the self in to the other. This can only occur once we have truly penetrated the chasms of our own hearts.

This means exploring deeply and richly our shadow self. To illuminate the torch of truth upon what we know pulls us in to darkness/ its only pulling us because this ‘part’ of us cares. It does not want to SEE us be hurt, nor does it wish to experience the pain once again.

Can you thank this part of you? Can you practice and cultivate deepened intimacy with these disowned parts of you? Can you penetrate them in a non-judgmental and compassionate manner? Can you see yourself for who you truly are?

Can you be present to your present and not be dragged through the trauma or the jagged edges of your past. Can you realise that true connection is connecting to all the parts of you. Not just the ‘easy’ aspects of your expression.

Can you give yourself like you mean it? Only once you have surrendered the idea of what you’re meant to be, so that you may be free in the presence of your lover, your beloved and your muse.

Are you WILLING to be all that you can be, to initiate touch, sensuality and sexuality as a gateway to depth and cosmic consciousness and to be seen for all that you are… ‘worst and all’.

If you are ready to submit to your highest power, then you are ready to be real, not fake. Sincere, not elusive. And present not distant.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Claiming One’s Self

We are constant works in progress. We are consistently evolving who we are. Perfection exists but only in a non-attached manner.

We are perfectly imperfect. That is the riddle. In my own life I have made many many mis-takes, many ‘failures’ and many choices that have not been conducive to my health or the health of my loved ones.

Men – Healthy Pursuit

In our culture, in our society (men in particular) can often be ostracized for single minded and tenacious pursuit. When we engage or embody any expressive state in an imbalanced, non-harmonious and polarized manner over time we become almost toxic in our posture…

Learn to say NO

…and at times YES… To really say no is one of the most challenging practices.

How often do you honor your no for the sake of your own needs and not be attached to what others may think of you or how they may react? In my life I have largely oscillated between either keeping completely quiet and withdrawing when I want to vocalize my truth or if I do express its in an extreme manner.

Intelligence Around Sexuality – Conscious Sexuality

The masculine holding strong, being present, portraying emptiness, death and purpose, having a steady gaze, maintaining attention and being ‘deep’ and the feminine being a wild emotional storm is at times a distortion of these polarities…

Masculine Sexual Complexity

I spent many years not having a very healthy relationship to sexuality – the act itself, my sexual projections and my sexual essence. I used sex as a means to validate my worthiness and how I viewed myself. The truth is I manipulated the art of sexuality to attempt to fill a void that was not fillable.

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