Humility in Life

There is an opportunity that takes place every so often & rarely in a man’s life is this opportunity presented because we are too stubborn to embrace this gift. That opportunity is to be humbled by the continuity of life.

The only way to embrace this level of humility is to be open to transparent, evolving transformation, change of self, behaviour, beliefs, actions & expressions.

An exploration & evaluation of self transpires where we are able to see ourselves fully for who & what we are and be comfortable enough with the uncomfortable to immerse in to the unknown. To hold our own shadow in reverence.

To embrace our wholeness and present it to others with deep levels of self-love and compassion, without shame. Can we make the “ugly” beautiful and move out of fear and in to truth. Life will bring us to our knees in gratitude to remind us that whilst we are infinite in being, the physical reality carries the truth of contrast & relating.

How we relate to pain, fear, tension, frustration, joy, bliss, happiness, ‘success’, the entire spectrum of life, emotions, pursuits, embodiments and relationship defines how we feel about ourselves.

The position of arrogance limits us as men, destroys our capacity to connect. We become lone rangers in a game (the one of life) that is a multi-player experience.

We lose ourselves in our hyper-selfish endeavours & disorientate our soul’s blueprint by running solo – by wishing to lead autocratically & oppressively without consideration or sustainable foresight.

This is the path of a fractured & tortured man. A man who cannot give to himself & is in constant pursuit without authentic cause or reason as to why. Yes, there is a time for being alone – but this time of deliberate solitude is one that is considerate & carefully articulated consciously.

When as men, we humble ourselves to not knowing it all, we welcome expansion, a liberated mind, a creative sense of self & an open heart.

This posture is what welcomes connection, intimacy and so much more. Firstly to self and then to others, ideas, presence & purpose.

To be a humble & expansive man means to love with curiosity, confidence & poise yet to know that embracing ALL of that which we are will liberate us as men in and out of relationship.

Humbleness calls.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Tapping Into Your Feminine

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