How To Conquer Fear

Fear… It may be consuming you, but there is a way through. Want to break the fear cycles? You can… Importantly, you’re not alone IF……You are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated…Angry and scared…Disappointed and bemused…Confused and in worry…

Perhaps you are feeling the pressure of immense uncertainty, making you feel despondent and wanting to give up. Perhaps you are losing faith in the leadership that surrounds you… Perhaps you feel its easier to distract yourself with drugs, TV, alcohol, or something else that gives you short-term gratification…

Perhaps you feel like your life, community and society is spiraling out of control… I ask you this… I have been there and sometimes still am there. The trick is to “temper” (not numb or ignore or react to) our BIG emotions and see them as opportunities for evolution and well-adjusted action. 

Also, know that being alone does not mean need you need to be lonely… There is a distinction. Perpetual loneliness stems from feeling the victim, being in a helpless/hopeless energetic, not trusting self, and being consumed with low self-worth and fear… Actively choosing to be alone is empowering, fortifying and this level of solitude is freedom in motion.

What is in your control? Where can you take back, reclaim, and acknowledge the power you have? How can you empower yourself? We are living in a time where the best of who we can be is being demanded of us for so many reasons! 

There are days where I wake up… I question my leadership. I question my role. I question what is unraveling. Really me? What can I do? But if we all thought this way continuously, what would drive us? Forward momentum is needed right now and we all carry that responsibility.

There are days where no matter what I do, how I show up, or what I give, it feels empty, not enough, not impactful enough. The old stories play out of unworthiness, or being seen at the scale I feel I need to be, in order to impact others.

But as I smile at this shadow (and we all have them) and I dig deeper, it’s really more about not feeling seen within myself. That scared little boy within trying to grasp at some form of wanting to feel safe.

It’s also the ego needing the recognition to fuel the action. Do we burn the ego? No. But what if the action was inspired less by old wounds and more by healthy giving (no attachments to HOW it needs to look…?)

Whatever it is you are feeling, you are not alone. If the world feels like its burning, well, it is, and for good reason… it needs to. That doesn’t mean you need to burn with it. You get to release the OLD… What no longer serves you can burn with the old world.

That doesn’t mean you hate these parts of you that are in pain, confused, feeling shame, or coming from the ego. You get to just choose… what version of me am I carrying forward and what can do and be in order to add value to my life and the lives of others?

We all have these gifts. Figure out what yours is and give it to the world. Sure, feel the self-pity, the hopeless/helpless victim but only for a minute… Gain what you need to from, smile at it. Embrace it and choose a path that is more empowering.

Right now, the world needs your gifts. What are they? The world is ready for a shift. Are you?

One is glad to be of service.


    Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


    Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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