From Fracture We Are Reborn

We often chastise pain in the form of fracture or confusion. We wish to eliminate doubt from our being and whilst being riddled with doubt long term is not healthy, these embodied states play a crucial role in our psychological, emotional, spiritual and social development.

These ‘broken’ states that we experience have the capacity to liberate us by shining a light of wisdom and attention to what no longer serves us and is no longer working for us.

This becomes beautifully empowering and allows us to take manifest action in the areas of life that require evolution.

We feel pain in order to grow. We feel joy in order to grow. We feel in order to be and we feel in order to transcend. Feeling is natural and powerful.

Feeling the fullness of life allows us to gain clarity and move with greater ease in our relationships.

Internal fracture indicates that there are areas of our lives that require up-leveling and the only way to up-level is to move through.

This dissipation of self is an indication not that we are broken but that we require adjustment. What once served us well, perhaps does not anymore.

What this means is that we have an opportunity to create new patterns that are healthy and aligned with our purpose, presence and values.

The more we move away from the essence of our core the more we prolong the dissonance of self. When we attend to disparate self, we are speaking loudly to our worth and that we value ourselves.

We are worthy enough to adjust our life’s path and course and sail towards a place of forgiveness, worthiness, alignment and congruency. .

I unpack this and more in my upcoming men’s journey. Teaching men how to step in to their authentic selves.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Claim Your Woman

This isn’t about ownership. This is about responsibility, clarity, transparency and fullness in expression. To claim another is to commit. To first commit to your truth and claim within yourself what you yearn for. From here, it becomes an open DECLARATION. To know who you are and what you want and to then let others witness and bathe in that.

Stop Avoiding Intimacy

STOP! We spend so much time running from what we fear. What we are essentially running from is our ability to feel closeness, connection and deep intimacy.

We all yearn for it – unconsciously and consciously in different ways. Brothers need brotherhood but have fear of being judged, ridiculed and not accepted by their primary in-group. They also spend so much time distracted and in ‘doing’ energy.

Sexual Expression

It’s not always about ejaculation.
Experiencing sexual trauma can place us in a position where we are mistrusting, feel hurt, hold back and are shy and reluctant to open our hearts. This trauma shuts us out and down, yet at the same time, we have a yearning to be seen, to experience closeness and intimacy. This happens to both men and women and both the masculine and feminine.

Transference – How Good Are You At It?

Attempting to understand this type of behaviour according to a superficial or face value view will only confuse us and distance us form ourselves and our loved ones…

Remembering Your Kingdom

Great men have traditionally been defined by their decisiveness. Their willingness for going beyond the norm. Their ability to present to challenge and meet it with all that they are. They are remembered by their ability to go beyond the basic, the minimum and the necessary.


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