Exploring Male Consciousness

Something I have discovered in my own journey is that conscious masculine and male presence is predicated on the posture of non-judgement.

Most recently I have personally entered a vortex of releasing gross volumes of judgement from my being, from my expression and character. Traits adopted through my conditioning (societal, generational and familial) are leaving my being.

I feel alive, connected, clear, light in my being, open in my expression, more compassionate and more present to my own needs and that of humanity. To me, this is a major part of coming into healthy awareness — non-judgment…

This is not to say the brain does not compartmentalize its surroundings in order to keep safe. Indicating that judgement is inevitable. The judgement I am referring to is that coming from irrelevant last wounding, emotional triggers and suppressed pain in order to protect without deliberate thought.

A new man is dawning upon himself, upon humanity, upon the earth, upon woman and upon the contrast that is life.

This man is ready for the transmutation of the self into something of greater purpose. This is not to say man is to forget who he is at his core essence or deny his authentic being. On the contrary, it is stepping into his congruent self.

There is a rare transmission occurring at this time. One, that if we choose to embrace as a collective will shape the way we relate for generations to come. This masculine consciousness is sacred, solid and clear.

This is not to negate the power of the feminine contrast — the feminine prowess, but rather moves parallel, in ‘equitable tangent’ with the rise and growth of the feminine voice.

Conscious masculine presence chooses to revel in the feminine flow of life and recognizes the intrinsic and necessary value of this way of expression — it is in this honouring that healthy masculinity rises.

For men in particular — to BE in a place of sincere non-judgment is to be free of the burden of comparison, hate, aggression, feeling threatened and fear. We live less in distance from each other and more in collaborative harmony. Yes, there is a fine line to be walked here. But together we can… We begin with our immediate tribe and branch out from there.

I have lived in disconnected fear and projection for far too long — most of my life in fact. And now as I unravel these layers I have experienced tremendous liberation. The time for transmutation and change is here.

When as men we step into courage to be different from our separating ways we grow and we leap fully into life, love, connectedness and authentic/sovereign authority of self and our lives.

Men, are you ready???

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



A Story Of Longevity & Respect

We become so fucking excited when we move in to a relationship. Our hormones go wild, any form of intelligence gets thrown out with the trash. We become primal, we go deep in to our physiology.

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Explore Your Power

Growing up I always felt there was another way, but never thought I would free myself from the pain of a disconnected self.

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