Embracing differences

We speak to the differences in men and women not to segregate but to celebrate. This celebration allows us to honour ourselves and each other. The truth is we are in this together.

Divine Union is something that can only flourish when polarity is felt to be merged. When sacred masculine deliberate intention meets sacred feminine compassion and opening.

This occurs both within the sovereign self and outside of the self, mirrored by our divine counterparts. Yes, our needs are different. Yes, we carry different wounding. Yes, an apology on many levels is required and yes, we need each other to thrive.

Why? Because we all share something in common. The need to be witnessed and to witness others. This sacred act is what liberates us from our restrictions and it’s one of the most challenges shades of our humanity.

We are relational beings ready to meet each other where we are. We are scared and we are now unravelling that fear and choosing a divine union.

The feminine is no more important than the masculine and the masculine no more valuable than the feminine. We need each other as reflective honest mirrors and torches to shine the bright light of sacred truth on the parts of our souls that we are unwilling to see and feel.

To hold each other with compassion and empathy, loving-kindness and radical acceptance whilst we come to terms with the parts of us that scare us and that we perceive to detest. To help us live all of us.

Embracing our differences whilst celebrating our oneness is what will free us from the ignorance that we separate. Yes, we need to do our sovereign and individual work as we are RELEARNING to come back together.

The fire of the masculine must be witnessed by the familiar masculine in order for it to feel safe to be expressed. Like the feminine must be held by her sisters as she opens her closed heart.

Now we may come together in a deeper Union as we transcend our self-imposed limitations. The time for “together” work is dawning. I welcome this and the transition is happening and our sovereign work will still always be needed.

There is something sacred about being seen by what’s truly familiar to you as there is something sacred about being witnessed by all.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Love Learns From The Past

In a relationship, we often let our past infiltrate our present. We allow our unconscious and unresolved wounding to dictate how we behave, how we treat others and how we see ourselves.
The ego simply wants to protect us, to keep us safe and help us remain in what is familiar to us. The ego-self is not “bad.”. The ego is simply grounding us and what it knows, keeping our bodies minds and the emotional being safe and away from harm.

The Density Of Anger

I can tell you about the physiological effects that excess anger and frustration has on the body. I can tell you how excess stress hormones released throughout the body due to a cognitive spotlight focus of anger damages our neurones.

I can tell you about the feeling of not being in control and how longterm, this affects negatively our sense of self and understanding of who we are. I can tell you that the less we self-regulate the more we have that feeling of not being in control of the direction of our internal monologue, stories we feel ourselves and pain we feel.

The Underestimating Of Female Power

As a collective energy and historically men have disregarded the sacredness of women – the authentic power they bring and the presence they contain.
The narrative has been one of discrimination, segregation, divide, oppression and minimisation…


Breathe… We hear this all the time. What does it mean? Breathing deliberately with intention helps us grow, be healthier and simply put overall better at life…
Breath literally saved my life. Having experienced physical and emotional abuse, abandonment and volatility as a child my nervous system were conditioned for pain and tension.

A Man’s Worth

I once thought that my worth as a man was derived from my title, status, what I accumulated and what I DID in the world. I honestly believed that the only way to feel worthy was defined by what I had, not who I am.

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