Boys To Men

Now more than ever we need REAL MEN. The rite of passage of man is so important. We miss a vital aspect of our intra- and interpersonal growth and expansion when we miss a legitimate rite of passage.

The word teenager was not commonly used before the 20th century. Why? Because, when we look at the path of man we can see a linefeed and distinct path of either rapid growth or rapid decline.

Each BOY was supported in his growth, through challenge and hardship. Each boy was supported by a group of men propelling him forward with momentum in to the unknown with grace, glory and courage. And men can still be boys…

Each boy was asked to embrace fear, to face his gravest pains and be with the unknown. To take many risks and deal with the emotional vulnerability. These were hardened, focused, committed and willing boys and men.

Sounds like vulnerability, right??? It was. These young men were transitioning from boys to warrior kings. They were willing to sacrifice the old, what was now stagnant and what was not working to step in to a more empowered version of themselves.

They were choosing to be present to their need for transformation and transition. They were however, never asked to do or be anything their time of men had not been before them. They were asked to show up, irrespective of the challenge and to meet it with humility and perseverance.

Each boy was supported. They were guided and they learned more about themselves during that intense rite of passage than any other modality of teaching. They learned to respect their elders, be kind to the divinity of the feminine and own their authentic power.

Irrespective of the tribal culture, each deepened journey was created to bring out the darkest and lightest parts of the boy. To know their best, they had to be acquainted with their worst. Modern culture lacks this vital transition and men are soft – too soft.

Weakened in their state and disconnected form their minds, bodies and hearts. The time to shift is now.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



Intelligence Around Sexuality – Conscious Sexuality

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A message to all men…

Ravage, relish in and be fully present to all faces, sides and expressions of the feminine prowess and power. To be present to all that she is means you are willing to traverse the depths of being to truly know her and inturn, truly know yourself.

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There is so much to say to this. Knowing our core essence frees us from engaging in what my beloved calls “issue-based” relationships. Think of magnets. Magnets come together when the opposite charge is experienced/felt. Then there is a merging or union.

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