Better OUT than IN

My beautiful grandmother would tell me to never hold farts in. In Italian, she would say often “Always out, never in.” I remember this distinctly, and then she would burp and I would laugh hysterically. She was the best! I then would run around farting and get excited to go to the toilet haha! I now often think about the real life implications of ‘out’.

I equate this out to a very visceral release, which (depending on context) can lead to deeper psycho-emotional and spiritual releases! I mean, how liberating and great does it feel to sneeze, fart, go to the toilet, ejaculate, orgasm, primal scream, cry or tell someone something deeply personal? I think my grandmother was on to something deeply philosophical…

I mean think about it. How liberating does it feel to create that space within us when we release what no longer serves us? What needs to flee our consciousness and state…

That leads me to the next part of this story. Yesterday, I had something important and personal I wanted and needed to share with my beautiful beloved. We needed the space to do so and were occupied all day. I chose to sit with it and not communicate this in passing but rather create the environment to do justice to the exchange.

Let me tell you, I was sweating it and nervous all day even though I knew it was in alignment and integrity with my being and relationship to discuss this, however the monkey mind was still sneaking in to add confusion and possible ‘disaster thinking’ to the mix.

I waited and waited and waited amidst being occupied with work. We finally connected and I spoke this truth. I chose to stand strong in my expression and not be attached to how my beloved may respond.

She responded with understanding and deep compassion. She even laughed at the fact that I thought what I was sharing would upset here. This was a massive relief.

I was worried for no real reason, stories that I had concocted in my mind as to how it may go. I knew it would be fine, however fear crept in during the day as I delayed the discussion (release) and it disorientated me. The point of this is that when we hold anything inside that needs to come out we are losing in life.

Is there someone you need to tell something to? Is there something you’re holding on to that needs to come out?

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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There is a deep intelligence that exists around conscious sexuality, especially for men. We have been so deeply disconnected from meaningful and authentic sexual connection for too long and the reality is: we do not know what we do not know.

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