Being Seen Clearly

When we simply bask in the authentic radiant expression of another and sit still in allowance and free of judgment – the magic of synchronistic unified expression is unleashed.

With the stillness of this action comes great power – for the observing, the observer and the observed. As men, when we observe without wanting to change or bend we are allowing the feminine to be seen safely. She feels unhindered and therefore may show up fully.

Loving from a place of trust, surrender, truth and deeply profound reverence for what is unfolding in front of you allows the other to just be without over-complicated and excessive thought that may block the intuitive heart from expressing – one of the greatest gifts of the feminine essence.

There is almost nothing greater and of deeper truth than the unfolding of unbridled and unadulterated magnificence in front of you and to not judge, critique or be attached to ‘should’s’.

Just being with what is and assimilating the real and present value of what is being given is a gift of the divine feminine to the cosmic masculine. She may only give her soul and body in this way when man is consistent in his presence and safe in his demeanor.

Men allow your woman to be her most beautiful, expressive and vulnerable self. Beautiful women, allow your men to fall, pick up, protect, guide and be in stillness. Trust that they will return to stable. This ‘allowing’ frees us from attachment to pain and extreme expressions of an individuated self.

We become unified and whole as we dance to each other’s core essences. We are them able to allow ourselves to be seen – not from desperation and insecurity but rather openness and curiosity. This becomes healing for the planet and the masculine and feminine Archetypical wounding that plagues our psyche at the unconscious levels.

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



The Importance Of Emptiness

THE FEMININE thrives in being full. THE MASCULINE in emptiness. When the masculine feels threatened it pursues in excess the feeling of emptiness through controlling force. Shadow masculine energy is forcing the feminine to be empty – empty of nutrients in the ocean, clean drinking water wells, mountains stripped of their minerals and the feminine having her voice emptied and taken from her being… We are currently in an excessive collective shadow expression of masculinity.

There Is Only Love

In a world where injustice has become an arbitrary term and deep, disconnected fear of connection, the ability to be authentic in lieu of being harshly judged and relational pain fills our lungs like an awful stench all we truly have is the embodiment…

To Deprive Ourselves Of Touch Is To Deprive The World Of Circulating Love

To deprive ourselves of intimate connection is to remain shrouded in the veil we wear to protect from an invisible force that separates us.

To lose touch with touch is to scream to consciousness that we are not worthy.

To isolate ourselves from the wonder of visceral contact with another is to isolate ourselves from our humanity.

To Ravage In Sacred Intimacy

To ravage our lovers and our beloved on sacred union (however you choose to define this) is to be fully present, is to expose the beauty and wonder of who we are.

You Are Enough

I spent so much of my life in hiding. Hiding from my fears, my anger, my insecurities, my pain, my past. I spent my life hating on myself, filling my mind with the lies I was not enough and not worthy.

You know the dialogue… “Not smart enough, not strong enough, not popular enough, not wealthy enough, just not enough. I covered the not ‘enoughness’ with either retraction or aggression.d

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