Are You Lost In The Doing?

Ever feel there is more…? The masculine expression in economic pursuit has become so lost in “doing” that he has forgotten to ask “What is worth doing”? This is not about being “anti-business”, this is about alignment of truths…

It is not on the best interest of market economics and share holder growth to be self-reliant, free thinking and contemplative being. Man must work, he must consume, do and have more so that he may prove his worth to the world, himself, his peers and his culture.

However this ignorance and lack of attention to self is slowly decaying the very fabric of our social order and distancing us from our dreams. Perhaps we must stop asking “how can we produce more” and begin to ask “what is it we truly wish to create”?

Mindless work not connected to meaning and substance that only serves industry and obsession is a futile void that only takes us away from our core essence. Man and the masculine is at the centre of this. He suffers greatly as his self worth is tied in to his “contribution” and his acceleration of status and material acquisition.

Our greatest dignity and revelation as men comes in not exhausting our inner resources and identifying with the false idolized gods of market capitalism but rather to truly connect to our vocation and deepest vision for self.

If we cannot create the space to think and feel freely because we are energetically consumed with the pursuit of activities that don’t truly matter, then how will ever know what we truly desire and give selflessly from our internal well of fullness of it hasn’t got an opportunity to exist?

There is great virtue and pride in being a provider, being creative and being useful. AND… could some of those mindless hours spent working on someone else’s dream been spent playing with your children, walking in silence in the forest or living your truth in authenticity?

When does work become excessive? At the expense of our relationships, sanity, psyche? Can we pause and ask ourselves what we truly want? We fear the pause, spaciousness and stillness – for it reveals deep confronting truths of our nature that we may not be ready to face.

You are though. Like it or not, you have a warrior psyche. Utilise that power and prowess to battle through the status quo and identify with the core of who you are

So… Who are you?

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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