Are You Being Selfish?

I have been really contemplating and feeling this a lot lately. Asking myself whether or not my interests and actions are “too selfish”.

Am I not considering others enough in my decision making and more prominently, am I too easily put out? Am I not adaptive enough? I’m dealing with some acute responsibilities at the moment and it’s stopping me from personal stuff that I’d like to be doing.

I feel and see myself becoming frustrated, tense and further agitated. Then parts of me feel wrong for feeling agitated and impatient.

And then I become guilty for feeling so and then angry at myself. The harsher inner critic kicks in and so we begin.

When I sit back and observe from a more neutral place, I see the opportunity to grow here in so many ways.

?An opportunity to establish a new relationship with that inner protector

?An opportunity to feel my anger more and get into the layers of that

?An opportunity to define what is most important to me, ask where I am loose with my boundaries and get clear on what my needs are

?A deeper opportunity to develop resilience, stoicism and cultivate more selflessness

?An opportunity to give more and love from a more open place

?An opportunity to deal with some unresolved stuff that is being triggered and not blame others but step into more responsibility

?An opportunity to step in greater postures of support, stability and be unwavering

There is a lot more but that is some of it. We often project because that’s the easy way out to avoid dealing with what’s beneath the surface. I’m tired of that and I’m tired of repeating the same shit. The truth is I was being more selfish than not. And it was coming from unconscious and unresolved stuff.

Our opportunity is NOW. Where in your life could you delve deeper and do more with what is presented to in terms of growing through old stuff?

One is glad to be of service.


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author


Relational Alchemist, Speaker & Author



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