“An Academy of Alchemy and deeper transformation where you can connect authentically with advanced program material and individuals who will add value to your life, support your journey and enhance your wellbeing”.

Welcome To Alchemy Academy

This is a platform where you can access all of my programs, be privilidged to discounted material, free programs, lessons, courses and practices and join a global community of like-minded and like-hearted people that will support your epicness.

This is more than just a platform to access world-class courses and programs. This is highly intuitive, connected space to share, become, grow together, be challenged, meet new people and breakthrough paradigms that no longer serve you.

You will evolve your relationships, gain clarity on who you truly are, your purpose/s, collaborate with connected and wise souls, learn about yourself and be held accountable to an intimate, safe, trustworthy and dedictaed group of individuals that are invested in your emotional health and wellbeing.

All facilitated and lead by Stef Sifandos – Relational Alchemist, Community Builder & Change Maker. “This platform was born of the need to create a community where people can connect with other sincere people transparently, share vulnerably, be open and safe in their transitional journey’s, be supported in their transformation and add value back to the community through their own personal experiences”. S.Sifandos.

“Courage is not about life being devoid of fear, but rather embracing fear and associated pain and then moving through it whilst consciously choosing courage.”


Alchemy Academy – The Platform

Soon to be released, this platform does not only house world-wide quality courses, programs and teaching’s, it is also an academy for deep experiential learning, human connectivity, community building, challenge, growth and bonding through overcoming the unknown. Alchemy Academy is a place to meet like-minded and like-hearted people, learn about yourself, expand your wisdom, stretch yourself, broaden your skillset and applied knowledge and meet new souls.

Alchemy Academy is a virtual monthly membership base and a place that feels safe, trsuting, comfortable and like home. Here, you will be able to immerse in experiential learning beyond the norm. You will be exposed to a variety of teaching from experts from all over the world that will assist your journey of growth and self-discovery.

Included in your no contract – monthly membership is the following:

  • Live monthly webinars / tutorials
  • Monthly inspirational learning material / lessons
  • Monthly challenges
  • The ability to create, work and discover in groups
  • Monthly live meditations
  • Monthly book club
  • A safe and empowering community to grow, connect, learn  and share stories with
  • Access to hundreds of videos and additional learning resources
  • Learn and work directly with Stef
  • A place where the unhealthy ego self is left at the proverbial door – ‘judgement free’
  • And so much more…

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